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Strasburg's Debut

Unfortunately I had to work until 5:30 PST tonight, but that didn't stop me from watching Strasburg's debut on my PC, picking it up via the IPhone on the way home (sorry Reno drivers), and catching the rest at home in front of my quizzical family (who is this guy?).

Clearly it was a debut for the ages - a franchise-record 14 strikeouts, 100 mph fastball (99 mph in the seventh inning), and no walks.

I own Strasburg in a couple keeper leagues, and am lamenting not owning him in my others.

So this got me wondering - what would it take to acquire him right now?  Tim Lincecum straight up in a dynasty league? Jason Heyward for Strasburg?  Pujols and say Billingsley for Howard and Strasburg?

Thoughts on what he did tonight? The future of Nationals' baseball considering Bryce Harper is also on the way? What would you offer in a trade right now?