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The Nightcap! (Spanish Discoteca Edition)

The great and glorious season of Roster Expansion is upon us. Also, we've come to that point in the fantasy season when keeper-minded owners are looking ahead.

With all that in mind, this edition of the Nightcap is youth-heavy.


The Young and Potentially Restless

Lucas Duda batted second and played left field for the Mets. He batted a crazy .314/.389/.610 at Triple-A Buffalo this year. He's not a burner, by any means, but it appears as though he has the bat even for a corner position. 

• He's not a call-up, per se, but Lorenzo Cain started again last night for Milwaukee. In center, again.

• After pitching quite well in his previous start, Yankee Ivan Nova failed to record a K despite facing 22 batters. He's still sporting a 50|PERCENT| groundball rate, though.

• Oriole Josh Bell now has 118 major league PAs. Here's the worrisome part: 40 K, 2 BB.

• Pittsburgh's Jose Tabata and Neil Walker are bothing batting .310 now. Here are there respective lines. Tabata: .310/.361/.421 (.349 BABIP). Walker: .310/.354/.486 (.367 BABIP). The former is probably more likely to retain that high BABIP.

Cameron Maybin's line since his August 24th recall: 39 PA, .278/.333/.472 (.333 BABIP). It's definitely not time to abandon him. He's only 23 still, and he was hitting quite well at Triple-A. With Cody Ross gone, center field is basically his.

Matt Fox made his major league debut, starting for the Twins. Line: 5.2 IP, 21 TBF, 0 K, BB, 8 GB on 20 BIP (40|PERCENT|). Yeesh. To be fair, it was on three-days' rest and one hour of sleep.

Derek Holland made his sixth start of the season. Line: 6.1 IP, 26 TBF, 5 K, BB, 12 GB on 20 BIP (60|PERCENT|). Guy is awesome.

• Minnesota's Danny Valencia keeps banging out the hits. He was 2-for-3 yesterday, to bring his average up to .343.

Mitch Moreland started at first and went 0-for-3 against the Twins. Season line: 94 PA, .247/.340/.457 (.259 BABIP).

• Cincinnati's Juan Francisco doesn't really have a position and also has no plate discipline. But he's been pinch-hitting for the Reds a little. He went 0-for-1 last night. His line at Triple-A Louisville this year: 329 PA, .286/.325/.565 (.332 BABIP). Also, there's this: 81 K, 16 BB. Eesh.

Dan Hudson's pitched well last night and has been kinda amazing, generally, since joining Arizona. With the DBacks: 49.2 IP, 8.70 K/9, 1.63 BB/9, 3.54 xFIP. The 33.8|PERCENT| groundball rate's a bit scary, but with swing-and-miss stuff, it's less scary.

Brandon Allen played left field for Arizona last night. That's notable. If he can play there decently at all, then he'll almost definitely be a major leaguer next year, and will almost definitely jack 173 dongers.

• San Diego's Cory Luebke made his major league debut last night. Line: 5.0 IP, 22 TBF, 3 K, 2 BB, 6 GB on 15 BIP (40|PERCENT|). He profiles to have like 6.0 K/9 or so with decent control. Also, he'll be pitching in Petco.


Starlin Castro (a) is now batting .319 and (b) has compiled enough plate appearances for qualify for the batting title. Carlos Gonzalez is at .331 – and Omar Infante has an unqualified .341 – so Castro mayn't make it. But WERE he to, he'd be the youngest ever batting champion. Pinky swear.

Chris Capuano pitched well, conceding only a single run to the Phils. Line: 5.0 IP, 20 TBF, 4 K, 2 BB, 7 GB on 14 BIP (50|PERCENT|). Weird thing is, Macha took him out after 80 pitches.

• With his performance last night against the Angels, Gio Gonzalez has now allowed two or fewer runs in each of his last six starts. He's legit, I think.

Caution, Warning

• Eye Andrew Miller's 5.0 IP, ER performance with some suspicion. In 85.1 DOUBLE-A IP this season, he had near as many BB (61) and K (66).

Stolen Bases

Rajai Davis (41), Hanley Ramirez (29, 30), Elvis Andrus (29), Franklin Gutierrez (20), Gabe Gross (5), Travis Snider (5), Matt Carson (2), Danny Valencia (2).

Caught Stealing

Dexter Fowler (7), Mark Ellis (5), Trevor Crowe (4), Lou Marson (1).

Kinda Weird Save Chances

Ryan Madson, converted (5). Brad Lidge had pitched the three nights prior, is why.

Mostly Normal Save Chances

Carlos Marmol, converted (26). Line: 1.0 IP, K, BB. Nothing else.

Rafael Soriano, converted (41). Line: 1.0 IP, K, H. Nothing else.

Joel Hanrahan, converted (3). Line: 1.0, 2 K, H. Nothing else.

Matt Capps, converted (8). Line: 1.2 IP, K, 2 H. Nothing else.

Ryan Franklin, converted (23). Line: 1.0 IP, K. Cards win, against all odds.

Juan Gutierrez, converted (7). Line: 1.0 IP, H. Nothing else – except to say that Gutierrez seems to've been pitching well of late.

Huston Street, converted (14). Line: 1.0, H. That's it.

• Hong-Chih Kuo, converted (8). Line: 1.0 IP. Nothing else.

David Aardsma, converted (27). Line: 1.0 IP, K, BB, 2 H. No runs, though.

Closers, Other Appearances

John Axford pitched with the bottom of the eighth with the Brewers down 0-1 at Philly. Line: 1.0 IP, K. Nothing else.

• Mariano entered with the Yankes up 7-4 in the ninth. He threw six pitches, got three batted-ball outs.

Joakim Soria pitched the ninth with KC tied 5-5 with Detroit. He acted exactly like you'd expect him to.

Lineup-ology/Injury Junk

Lance Berkman started at DH, went 2-for-4. He's now 4-for-7 since returning from the DL.

• With Jason Kendall out for the year, Brayan Pena started at C. Pena's 28 years old, if you can believe it.

Steve Tolleson played shortstop for Oakland last night. He's probably not a prospect.

Reed Johnson played left field for the Dodgers! Reed Frigging Johnson!