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Stay For a Nightcap - 0-For-The-Season Edition

The Brewers took a key loss tonight in their continued effort to become the first team to go 0-162. Just 158 more! We're all rooting for you.

As we get into the fourth, fifth game of the season, almost all the 0-fers disappear. The only players with 10 or more at-bats and no hits are Ian Desmond, Alex Rios, Brad Hawpe and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Good thing we didn't draft any of them, right guys?

Yeah, there are guys who are perfect, too. But that's not nearly as fun to talk about for some reason.

Braves 2, Brewers 1
-I drafted Brandon Beachy aggressively this year, and it's good to see one of your sleeper types like that come out with a terrific first start of the year. Six innings of one-run ball with seven strikeouts? Sign me up.
-Chris Narveson was kind of unexpectedly good on the other side, shutting out the Braves for six innings, but his 5:3 K:BB isn't as impressive.
-Rickie Weeks is just crushing right now.
-Carlos Gomez (another 0-for-4, 2 K) is without a doubt the worst No. 2 hitter in the majors.
-Takashi Saito, thought to be a prime candidate to inherit the closing role should John Axford cough it up, served up a couple of homers to the Braves in the eighth. He only gave up four bombs all of last year. If it makes you feel any better about Saito somehow, Dan Uggla's bounced off the top of the fence and over.

Cubs 4, Diamondbacks 1
-Willie Bloomquist led off the game with a home run, and that was the last extra-base hit for Arizona today. Can we really attribute this to Randy Wells?
-Carlos Pena sprained his thumb in the field and left the game for a pinch-hitter in the eighth.
-Starlin Castro's average fell all the way to .500. Slouch.
-If you want to roll Joe Saunders out in your fantasy league, be my guest. I'm not interested. He didn't have a bad day today, but yeah. Enjoy.
-No one is going to unseat Carlos Marmol as the Cubs' closer. He's just too nasty.

Orioles 5, Tigers 1
-Jake Arrieta and three relievers made it four straight games to start the year in which Baltimore has allowed just one run. That's a good formula for winning.
-It's very interesting to see Brian Roberts hit his second homer already. His power was sapped by injury last year; if it's back (poor choice of words?), his owners are going to turn a tidy profit even if his wheels aren't quite what they once were.
-Rick Porcello is still just 22 years old, younger than a lot of minor leaguers. We know (or at least assume) that he's going to develop, but when is that going to happen? He looked pretty hittable today.
-Miguel Cabrera and Brayan Villareal played through some sort of stomach-hurling illness, so that's their excuse.
-Magglio Ordonez (ankle) returned after missing a game.

Yankees 4, Twins 3
-Put Scott Baker in the Joe Saunders category, except he did have a bad day today.
-Another homer makes it three in two games for Jorge Posada. Wouldn't be surprising at all to see him have a big year even at 39; it's nice to be able to avoid the bumps and bruises.
-Russell Martin's got two steals. Let's not forget that once upon a time he was nearly a 20-20 guy.
-Tsuyoshi Nishioka, another of my favorites in this year's drafts, finally had a good day, picking up a couple hits, including a run-scoring double. When you really count on a deep pick like that, as I sometimes do, it can be so nerve-wracking to see them struggle early.
-Mark Teixeira took a pitch to the foot, but stayed in.

Pirates 4, Cardinals 3
-Charlie Morton walked five batters and struck out just two, but gave up just one run. What can you say when you're the Cardinals and you get three hits against a guy who had a .332 BAA last year?

-Wake up, Albert. Wake up.
-Four-pitch sequence for Kyle Lohse in the sixth inning: Ball four to Jose Tabata, double by Neil Walker, strike to Andrew McCutchen, home run. Bam.
-Joel Hanrahan is 3-for-3 and has had no trouble. Whoever Daniel Descalso is, he's not going to last long if he looks as overmatched as he did in the ninth.
-Ryan Theriot might be the worst leadoff hitter in baseball.
-It's a good thing Lance Berkman is hitting some early on here because his fielding is absolutely atrocious at this point. How did the Cardinals think this was a good idea? Oh, he also hit a small child with his bat.

Rangers 6, Mariners 4
-Nelson Cruz is 4-for-4 – four games played, four homers, one in each game. Only the third time in major league history that's been done. The other two: Willie Mays and Mark McGwire. Yeah.
-I'm surprised every time I see Erik Bedard start a game. He was not too good today, but Ichiro made a big error that didn't help him.
-Derek Holland is one of those guys I liked two years ago, but then sort of allowed to fall by the wayside. I only got him in like one league out of six this year, but he could have a real breakout. I am filled with regret.
-Neftali Feliz nailed down his first save of the year, a clean one.