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Final Day Predictions|FRONTS|Scenarios

More than six months after it began, the NHL season comes to a close on Saturday. All 16 playoff teams are locked in, but the positioning of a handful of teams is at stake.

Life is a bit more settled in the Eastern Conference than the West as Five of the seeds are already determined. The Rangers and Boston head into the playoffs as the 1 and 2 seeds with Pittsburgh hosting Philadelphia in what should be a monumentally entertaining first-round 4-5 series. The Devils are locked in at the No. 6 seed and await their opponent.

The Devils will face either Florida or Washington depending on the outcome of Saturday's games. If Florida secures a point of any kind in their finale against Carolina, they capture the Southeast Division crown; but, if the Panthers lose in regulation and Washington wins in regulation, the Capitals grab the division. We all know how much Washington loves hanging banners at Verizon Center ("Regular Season Eastern Conference Champs 2009-2010"). The Devils are 2-2 against Florida this season and 3-1 against Washington.

Speaking of New Jersey, they will have a bearing on the East's playoff seeding thanks to their regular-season finale against Ottawa. The Senators will finish the season either as the No. 7 seed, if they grab a point of any kind, thus playing Boston, and will be the eighth seed and face the Rangers if they fall to New Jersey.

The Western Conference is a bit more interesting as most seeds are still up for grabs. Phoenix's win over St. Louis on Friday evening put them in the driver's seat to win the Pacific Division. A win over Minnesota Saturday give the Coyotes the title, thus rendering the Sharks-Kings game the battle for the No, 7 seed with the loser earning the right to likely play Vancouver as the No. 8 seed.

Detroit will be playing Nashville in the 4-5 series, but who has home ice will be determined on Saturday. The Wings trail Nashville by one point, 102-101, entering Saturday while Chicago is locked in at the No. 6 seed and a date with the Pacific Division champion.

Vancouver can secure the top seed in the West with a point of any kind in Saturday's contest with Edmonton while St. Louis needs a win with Vancouver losing in regulation.

Here's how it looks heading into Saturday:
1. NYR vs. 8. WAS
2. BOS vs. 7. OTT
3. FLA vs. 6. NJD
4. PIT vs. 5. PHI

1. VAN vs. 8. SJ
2. STL vs. 7. LAK
3. PHX vs. 6. CHI
4. NSH vs. 5. DET

Here's how it will look after Saturday's finales
1. NYR vs. 8. OTT
2. BOS vs. 7. FLA
3. WAS vs. 6. NJD
4. PIT vs. 5. PHI

1. VAN vs. 8. LAK
2. STL vs. 7. SJ
3. PHX vs. 6. CHI
4. DET vs. 5. NSH