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Cubs Sweep? Twins Upset? Hughes vs Rangers |EQUALS| $$


Grand Slam - Bet the house. You will notice I will not have many of these games throughout the year. I would have picked the Red Sox over the Twins last night though. I was at the game and have a pretty good read on the Twins.

Home Run - Solid pick. Bet the car.

Triple - Make the books nervous.

Double - Where to start if you are in a hole.

Single - Better than a bet just to bet, but not by much.

Caught Stealing - Stay away there are better games on the slate. Think of Kershaw vs Halladay. Why would you take either side? That is called betting just to bet.

I would also like to thank the people at RotoWire and RotoSynthesis for this opportunity to join an amazing staff. I have followed many guys like Liss, G.Vara, Bogfella, Bernie, etc for years. Please let me know what you think good or bad. Feedback is always appreciated! Yes, in the future my blogs will be much shorter.


Cards (Lynn) at Cubs (Volstad)

I like the Cards a lot after losing two straight games to the Cubs in dramatic fashion. Point blank the Cubs stink and no way they sweep the Cards with the hot Lynn on the hill. Lynn already beat the Cubs this year and there is no fear of wind playing a role in this game.

Pick: Money Line Cards -$159


Yankees (Hughes) at Rangers (Feldman)

Have you seen Hughes pitch this year? Talk about a pitcher with zero movement on his fastball! This is going to be a 4 hour game for sure as there will be a lot of runs scored. Darvish was excellent last night and Kuroda wasn't too bad either, but the 2-0 Ranger win was a rarity. I see the Rangers winning, but feel better about the Over 10.5 with two awesome hitting teams going against two average pitchers at best.

Pick: Over 10.5 -$105

Red Sox (Buchholz) vs Twins (Hendricks)

As I mentioned I was at the game last night and witnessed the disaster known as Blackburn. I am guessing not many people are familiar with Hendricks. He has pretty solid command with a 1.20 WHIP. He actually may be the Twins second best starter which doesn't say much, but I like what I have seen from this kid. Buchholtz is simply not good right now and may be getting a pass based on past success. Yes, he has pitched against the Tigers, Yankees and Rays this year, but bad outings are simply bad outings. Take the upset and the Twins!

Pick: Twins +$111