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Matusz on the to the ATM!

We lost $105 yesterday, but came close to a 3-0 day as the Twins lost by one and the Yanks-Rangers didn't go over by one. However, a gambler hates coming close as the goal is to get paid!

Grand Slam (0-0)

Home Run (0-0)

Triple (1-0; +100)

Tor at Bal

I love when Matusz is on the hill as the guy has lost it over the past two years. Once a huge prospect, Matusz simply is a lock to give up 5+ runs it seems. Tor counters with the ever intimidating Drew Hutchinson. Both teams can hit the long ball. This game almost seems to good so I made a Triple play instead of a Home Run play.

TV's Take: OV 9.5 +115

Double (0-2; -205)

Single (0-0)


Record 1-2

Bank -105