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Poor Twins Fans

 Very simple I say.....I noticed as a young kid it is way more fun watching winners over losers. I am not sure how the folks of the Twin Cities do it considering no pro team (not counting the Lynx) has won a championship since the incredibly fun to watch Twins of 1991. The current Twins with the likes of a healthy Mauer and Morneau deserve better, but the starting pitching and bullpen are beyond bad. How in the world is Matt Capps a closer for any professional team? Have we sunk so low that a closer who gives up a home run every game it seems is acceptable as long as he doesn't lose the game? Nick Blackburn is the third starter.....enough said. Pavano the ace with an era over 4.00 is a great 4th pitcher on most teams. Liriano is the most frustrating of all. He has all of the tools to be very good, but he is so mentally messed up he can't pitch consistently from one inning to the next let alone one game to the next. People of the Twin Cities I cheer for the Yankees because I know I will not have to abandon the baseball season in April.