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Betting BIG, BIG on Weaver over Twins Again!

.......If there ever was a decent shot of a pitcher throwing back to back no-hitters it may be tonight when Weaver faces the pathetic Twins again. It looks like the Twins have two rookies in Dozier and Komatsu in their lineup along with the much feared likes of Carroll, Parmelee, Ploufe, Doumit, etc. Only Mauer and Span offer any hope. Then again Span is 2-19 lifetime vs Weaver.  Liriano takes the hill for the Twins and let me tell you this isn't the Liriano of old as this Liriano has an ERA of 9.97 and a WHIP of 2.21! Lets stick with the Angels who are a major steal at -163. BET BIG! BET BIG!

NOTE: Willingham is out of the Twins lineup which really makes the Twins weak. Tori Hunter and Kendrick will be in the Angels lineup tonight. BET BIG!!!!!!