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Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 6

Here you's Week 6 Injury Analysis.  Once again, feel free to comment about the posts or to ask about other players you're interested in that were not listed below.

DeMarco Murray: In last weekend's game, Murray was forced to leave the game due to a foot injury.  While x-rays were negative, his MRI did show that he has a "foot sprain".  I'm sure owners are being tired of hearing this "foot sprain" as it appears this year it is turning into the "high ankle sprain" of years past.  We have seen numerous people suffer this type of injury and the biggest concern is whether it is in fact a Lisfranc injury which appears that it is not.  However, any foot sprain means there is ligament damage and this is never a quick recovery.

What does all this mean to your fantasy football team?  You should be expecting Murray to be out for at least 2-3 weeks and I wouldn't be surprised if he reaggravates the injury returning too soon similar to the way that Garcon has done. I would definitely look to the waiver wire to get Felix Jones while Murray recovers.

Ray Lewis: For everything that Lewis has meant to this Ravens defense, I felt obligated to mention him in this injury report just because I think it will have a huge impact on their defense despite the fact that Lewis' age has been talked about over the past year.  With a torn triceps, it guarantees that he will miss the rest of this season and it's going to be impossible for the Ravens to fill that hole in the roster.   

What does all this mean to your fantasy football team?  The Ravens defense still is a solid defense but so much of what made this defense great was intimidation and heart that Lewis showed on every down....along with amazing skill to read plays and make all the open field tackles.  The Ravens defense definitely took a hit here and owners may want to look for other defenses for matchups rather than roll with the Ravens every week.

Trent Richardson: Richardson had to leave last week's game due to a rib/cartilage injury. This type of injury is really more of a pain issue rather than a performance issue as it doesn't affect mechanics or ability to make plays....unless it's too painful which could very well be the case if Richardson is held out of the game against the Colts.  We know he doesn't have broken ribs, but he might as well have them regarding how it will limit him in these next few weeks as it is just as painful of an injury that he is suffering.  I do think that they will be able to give him medical attention to numb the area and reduce the pain but we will have to see.  I would imagine that he will not practice throughout the week and will have lite, noncontact practice prior to the game (in which he'll be listed as a game-time decision).

What does all this mean to your fantasy football team?  I think in the long run this doesn't mean much for your fantasy team as you should be holding onto Richardson and ready to start him.  Of course for this upcoming week there is some question of whether or not he will play in which Hardesty would be a great spot-start but I have a feeling Richardson will be suited up to play.  Stay tuned on this one.

Brandon Lloyd: After being targeted 12 times and hauling in 80 yards worth of catches, Lloyd sustained a shoulder injury which they are calling a "bruised shoulder" which is either really just a bruise or is an AC separation, or shoulder sprain.  Either way, there hasn't been a lot of talk regarding the seriousness of this injury but I'd be paying attention to his practice participation.  It wouldn't be unreasonable to watch him miss 1 game but more than this would be unlikely.

What does all this mean to your fantasy football team?  Realistically, whether he starts or not I don't expect him to be very effective and given all of their other weapons, I would look for another WR this weekend.  Don't worry though, Lloyd will be back soon.

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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,