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Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 15

Week 15 Injury Analysis is up and there's not a lot of new injuries to discuss so I'm going to make this a "Reader's Suggestion Issue" in which I'm going to let anyone make a comment regarding what player's they would like updates on and I will be given quick responses so that you can hopefully use the information to take down the crown in our league.

There is just one player that I would like to discuss since I am from San Diego and it has been a rough past few years being a Chargers fan especially when the ownership decided in the last offseason that staying with Status Quo was the answer…..that didn't seem to work out too well.

Ryan Mathews:  In last week's game, Mathews was forced out of the game with a type of injury that was all too familiar to him and all of the Charger's fans…..a fractured clavicle.  Mathews missed the beginning of the season due to fracturing his right clavicle which was surgically corrected and allowed him to return to the Chargers with hopes for a breakout season that left fantasy owners with only 1 week of double-digit fantasy points in most standard leagues.  After all this disappointment for a team and a player with such high hopes entering this season, Mathews' injury was the ending to a season that everyone would like to forget and brings it "full circle" as Mathews was placed on injured reserve with a fractured left clavicle. 

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  Of course this means he is no longer even in consideration for a start on your fantasy football team and will surely be dropped in all leagues.  The real question is….What does this mean for next season?  Two seasons ago, Mathews was considered a first tier running back on a Chargers team that would put up huge offensive numbers.  When this didn't happen, it was believe that this year would in fact be the year that Mathews would be the fantasy stud everyone was hoping for…..obviously we know this didn't pan out.  So will Mathews drop significantly next year?  Probably.  I think he has potential to actually be a "steal" next year and could be one of those sleepers but then again, he could end up on top of the bust list once again.  We'll see what overhaul is done in San Diego and if there is any hope for a better season at the start of next season. 

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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,