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Lockout Finally Ends, Will You Be Back?

Some of the deal info trickling out is as follows:

- 10-year deal with mutual opt-out after 8

- 7-year max contracts (8 for a team's own returning players)

- $64.3 Million Cap for 2013, with a floor at 44

- 2 compliance buyouts before the 2013-14 season

- Variance from year to year in salary is 35|PERCENT| (much higher than originally expected when NHL offered 5|PERCENT| and then 10|PERCENT|. However, the lowest number can only be 50|PERCENT| of highest (so if one year the max is $10m, the lowest figure in the deal must be $5m, that eliminates the major scaling down we have seen)

- Expectation that the players will compete in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi

- Salary arbitration walkaway cannot happen unless the player award is at least $3.5 million, which is indexed to increase each year at the rate that salaries rise

- Revenue sharing will spread $200 million with $60m growth fund

- Pension fund - owners will be responsible for the losses and funds based on what MLB players have

- 48-or-50 game season. Conference play only. Season may start January 15.

Training camps are expected to open between Wednesday and Friday and all 14 teams that miss the playoffs are eligible for the first overall pick.

Now for the question, will you be back? If yes, will you be back with the same passion and enthusiasm as before or has the lockout muted it? If no, is that a permanent view or will the siren call of the puck, especially when the playoffs start, bring you back?