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Fantasy NASCAR - Slappin' Good Fun

OK, Fantasy Freaks, I know everyone is wigging out about Fantasy Football as we're days away from Week 1's opening kickoff. But for those of you who have already drafted your team and are looking for a fun distraction, may I recommend Fantasy NASCAR? The Chase is just about to start (NASCAR's playoff) and you can jump right in. A nice aspect of Fantasy NASCAR is you can start at any point in the season and change drivers every week – there is not a stressful "draft night".

I recommend starting a NASCAR league with your Fantasy Football buddies so you've got additional trash talk topics. And if things get real heated, you can always send your girlfriend over to slap a league rival. That's just what happened at Sunday's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Canadian Motorsports Park. Apparently Kelly Heaphy, girlfriend of driver Mike Skeen, wasn't happy with Max Papis and his on-track aggressiveness. So she gave Papis a nice open-handed right cross. Some dude also tried to break into Papis' car after his wreck. I'm not making this up, check out the video:

This isn't even Papis' first slap incident. He slapped another driver earlier in the year:

I like his apology "to the kids". He should apologize for slapping like a super-model. Can Stewart or someone show Papis how to make a fist?

UPDATE! 9/4/2013: This just in from NASCAR headquarters, really: "Kelly Heaphy, who was with the No. 6 team at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, has been fined $2,500 and denied access to all NASCAR events indefinitely for her involvement in an altercation with a competitor following Sunday's race." Ouch, that's an expensive slap!