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My FSWA team

Monday night, I participated in a FSWA draft named after me, which they do for their annual award winners. That was not the coolest part of the draft as the best part was the league format. The rules drop batting average, home runs, and wins and replace them with on base percentage, slugging percentage, and quality starts. I love the format and wish it were more mainstream.

In reviewing the league last season, these were the benchmarks that it took to be in the top 3 in each category:

·         Runs: 1100

·         RBI: 1050

·         SB: 175

·         OBP: .342

·         SLG: .440

·         Quality Starts: 118

·         SV: 70

·         Strikeouts: 1425

·         ERA: 3.30

·         WHIP: 1.17

This is the team I ended up with, comparing the player's draft slot to their custom RotoWire rankings using the Draft Software tool:


28 players overall; 14 reaches, 12 profits, 2 spot on picks. Three of the five reaches were on the closing side of the fence, which can happen in a 12-team mixed league where closers are plentiful. I waited to take my closers until the 14th round and still like what I ended up with in terms of those guys getting me saves. I was surprised to get two pitching values in Estrada and Quintana when I did in the draft, especially Quintana who made strong strides in the second half of the season.

While Bogaerts was a large position player reach, there was quite a number of upset drafters when I took him where I did during the draft. He is a wild card, but he has the skills to be a top 150 player when it is all said and done. Some of the later reaches were done while pursuing production to get to my benchmarks. Erick Aybar was not my favorite MI selection when I made it, but I needed more steals and it was my last non-catcher pick remaining.

Here is how my projections ended up against my pre-draft benchmarks:

·         Runs: 1102 > 1100

·         RBI: 1006 < 1050

·         SB: 171 < 175

·         OBP: .356 > .342

·         SLG: .457 > .440

·         QS: 114 < 118

·         SV: 96 >70

·         K: 1217 < 1425

·         ERA: 3.44 < 3.30

·         WHIP: 1.20 < 1.17

The lack of strikeouts will be addressed by putting Quintana into the rotation over Qualls should he not hold the closer role, but I feel very good about the offense. Now, I just hope I do not finish poorly in my own league!

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