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The Weekly Stream

Three weeks down, 23 weeks to go.

So far, the season has thrown in a few surprises, some injuries, and a handful of breakout performances

This piece will glance into the future, taking a look at some statistical streaming options for you to consider to try and boost some of your numbers, as well as a few games to make sure you keep an eye on. I didn't say to prioritise your life around these games, but I didn't not say it either.

So let's have a look at some players that might be available on your waiver wire. I'm going run through some names that you could take a look at if you are in need of a particular statistic. I'll cover the main categories; points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and three-pointers.


Jordan Clarkson, Lakers

Clarkson may or may not be available in your league, depending on the number of teams. So far this season he is averaging 15.1 points on 50 percent shooting. He appears locked into a bench role with minutes in the low 20's, and while his efficiency is likely to regress, he still figures to be a primary scorer for the second unit.

Jonathon Simmons, Magic

Simmons has had an excellent start to the season, averaging a career-high 14.7 points per game. He is another player shooting with excellent efficiency, converting on 52.3 percent of his shot attempts. He will not help you anywhere else on the stat sheet, but given the lack of points available deeper on the player charts, he is a nice source or scoring with a relatively high floor.


Tyson Chandler, Suns

Chandler is a prototypical waiver guy. He is going to deliver exactly what you would expect from him on a nightly basis – that being rebounds with high field-goal percentage and not much else. His minutes are hovering around the mid-twenties at the moment, and this probably won't change for a while. Eventually there is a chance that Alex Len usurps him as the starter, or at least the center to own, but for now he is worth grabbing for his consistency as a rebounder.

Dewayne Dedmon, Hawks

After a slow start, Dedmon has settled into a role befitting his skill-set. He will deliver excellent field-goal percentage with good rebounding numbers and some sneaky value from the free throw line for a big. He has not lived up to what a lot of people had hoped for, so has been dropped in a number of leagues. Like Chandler, he is worth a long look if you need some rebounds on a regular basis.


T.J McConnell, 76ers

With Markelle Fultz going down with a shoulder injury, and Philly providing no specific timeframe on his return, McConnell could be an excellent pickup if you are need of assists. McConnell was solid last season, but with Ben Simmons and Fultz now in the mix, he was a bit of an afterthought. However, he is now locked in to about 28 minutes, and he's even spent some time next to Simmons. He won't score a lot of points, but he's almost a must-add in my opinion, for his upside in assists as well as steals and efficiency from the guard position.


Taurean Prince, Hawks

For some reason, Prince is available in over 70 percent of leagues on some host sites. I shouldn't even need to make a case for him, but if you need a reason, just look at his opportunity. He is locked in to consistent minutes on a team that has no reason to not start him. Apart from his ability to garner you some steals, he has now scored at least 16 points in five consecutive games as well as hitting 12 three-pointers and pulling down 31 rebounds.

Austin Rivers, Clippers

Rivers is another player who is readily available and almost guaranteed 30 minutes a night. While his scoring is going to be inconsistent, along with most of his other numbers, he has had at least one steal in every game this season and is averaging close to two per game. Along with his ability to knock down the long-ball, he should definitely be owned in more league than he is.


John Henson, Bucks

Blocks are consistently the hardest category to find on the waiver wire, especially if you are looking for a player who offers upside in any other accompanying statistic. Henson is receiving consistent minutes at the moment with Greg Monroe sidelined. He could be worth a short-term add, if it's purely blocks you're after. Upon Monroe's return, his minutes could fall away to almost being out of the rotation, but such is the mystery of coach Jason Kidd's revolving center rotation.


Kelly Oubre, Jr., Wizards

In contrast to blocks, this is probably the easiest category to stream. Oubre has had a nice start to the season, partly due to the fact that Markieff Morris missed the first three weeks. Morris is back in the lineup now, but given Oubre's play and Washington's lack of depth, he will still demand minutes off the bench. So far, he's averaged 2.4 three-pointers per game, and there is enough evidence to suggest that this will continue, even in reduced minutes.

Donovan Mitchell, Jazz

Mitchell came into the season on the back of a breakout summer league performance. His scoring has been up and down over the first 10 games, but he has managed to find some consistency over the last three. While averaging almost 24 points over those three games, he has also connected on 10 three-point attempts. His minutes have remained steady despite his early season shooting woes, and given the lack of scoring the Jazz have on the bench, he looks set to continue with his aggressive mindset.

Games to Watch

Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah Jazz – Tuesday, Nov. 7

The 76ers have been one of the most, if not the most, exciting team to watch this season. Their speed and style of play has endeared them to many NBA fans, myself included. The Jazz are playing as they have the past few seasons – with a strong focus on defense. This clash is going to bring together two contrasting styles and should be one of the most entertaining of the week.

Indiana Pacers vs Detroit Pistons – Wednesday, Nov. 8

Both these teams have had solid starts to the season, much to the surprise of prognosticators. The Pacers have done most of their damage without Myles Turner, who missed most the first eight games of the season with a concussion. Andre Drummond has apparently learned how to shoot free throws, making him a real force on both ends of the floor.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Golden State Warriors – Wednesday, Nov. 8

The Timberwolves came into the season with a lot of hype after their offseason signings. After a mediocre start, they now find themselves on a five-game winning streak as they prepare to face the defending NBA champions. The Warriors are doing what they do, winning games and making it look easy. This will be a real test of how far the Wolves have come, as well as how far they have yet to go.