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Fantasy Football Draft: Keenan Allen or A.J. Green?

Keenan Allen vs. A.J. Green

Fantasy Football Draft Duels are back for the 2018 fantasy football draft season! This year, we're focusing on the major decisions fantasy football drafters have to face when they're picking their fantasy football teams. 

For these Duels, assume typical 12-team, point-per-perception (PPR) fantasy football leagues.

Which wide receiver would you rather have?

Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Hunter Henry's season-ending injury opens the door for Allen to see even more work, particularly in the red zone where he quietly led the WR depth chart in targets (24) last season.

Mike Williams and his 6-foot-4 frame figure to siphon some of those extra looks, but Rivers' rapport with Allen cannot be overstated, particularly since his safety-net-turned-tumbleweed, TE Antonio Gates, remains a free agent. -Joe Bartel

A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

After the first five games of last year, Green posted 32/504/3, which had him on pace for one of the best years of his career. Unfortunately after that, the offensive line was a mess and when the team fell behind, which was the case most weeks, Andy Dalton didn't have the time to let Green's intermediate and deep routes develop as the pass rush closed in quickly.

During the offseason, they added LT Cordy Glenn and spent their first round draft choice on a center, so things should be much better this year. Green has always been a target hog, and he really has no competition for looks while he continues to be the primary red-zone option.

Sure, Allen will see a ton of targets, but he'll share them with Tyrell Williams and Mike Williams. With Tyrell being a much better deep threat and Mike shaping up to be a dominant red-zone force after a lost rookie season, don't look for Allen to score many TDs while putting up moderate yardage on short passes. With an improved situation, look for Green to return to his superstar status and finish the year as a top-six WR. -Jim Coventry

Now, it's your turn to vote: