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Gordon Intriguing Name to Monitor Based on ESPN's ADP

I teased at the start of this column that we would explore other ADP's throughout the fantasy season and today's the day where we explore new horizons, starting first with ESPN's. I might as well make this a PSA, but identifying the ADP ranking of your fantasy site is important if only so you could stumble upon some hidden gems. Here's a handful of players I believe present value currently on ESPN.

Melvin Gordon: ADP 15/RB 10

Gordon represents a sort of cut off in standard leagues as the next four RBs – Christian McCaffrey, Devonta Freeman, LeSean McCoy, Jerick McKinnon – all have their obvious warts. A multi-dimensional threat on offense, Gordon could very well see an uptick in red zone looks with TE Hunter Henry (knee) out for the season. That coupled with his same production from last year would easily vault Gordon among the top-8 fantasy RBs, and given I'm not a huge fan of any of the four aforementioned backs slotted to go after Gordon, it's easier to take the former Wisconsin product a bit higher than his ADP suggests as opposed to risk entering the third round with the Freeman's-of-the-world as your No. 1 RB.

Jay Ajayi: ADP 49/RB 20

I've said enough about him, just wanted to point out that Royce Freeman is getting drafted ahead of him. That's all.

Pierre Garcon: ADP 92/WR 36

I recognize the love for Marquise Goodwin is simmering, but it's difficult to rationalize that a WR on pace to catch over 80 passes and record 1,000+ receiving yards if not for an injury is suddenly going for as low as he is at the moment. Especially with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm, I would imagine Garcon's floor, at the very worst, would be similar to last year, making the veteran wide receiver a reasonable selection a round or two higher than he's currently going. It's not a flashy pick by any means, but at the very the least the 32-year-old is a fantastic third or fourth fantasy WR on your depth chart.

David Njoku/Trey Burton: ADP 112/113   TE 11/12

It's a bit jarring to see Trey Burton listed as the 12th TE off the board, as I think both he and Njoku could, and will, likely be top-10 options when it's all said and done. Especially for people willing to wait at the TE spot, I don't think you could go wrong with either player, and both present enough of an upside that you could reasonably take them earlier should you get nervous waiting on the position. If you forced me to pick between the two, I'd lean towards Njoku if only because he figures to be a red zone threat in an offense that has few proven options, but Burton might give you a safer floor as the "between the 20s" mover for Mitchell Trubisky and the rest of the Chicago offense.

LeGarrette Blount: ADP 134/RB 43

Kerryon Johnson is currently going a full three rounds higher than Blount – an astounding fact considering Blount has received nearly all of the first-team reps through the first two preseason games. I think Johnson likely winds up being the starter at some point in the season, but this ADP is an obviously poor reflection of the current pecking order in Detroit. While I love the idea of taking both players, Johnson at his current price isn't giving you much of a value should Blount grabs a hold of the starting job for multiple weeks, and Theo Riddick remains an integral nuisance, I mean, part, of the Lions offense. Blount's historical success tells me he'll likely have a role as the goal line back if nothing else, which sound be enough to create some return on investment.