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NHL Playoffs: And then there were 3
  • The Perfection Line really isn't perfect, but they're damn close. Wow.
  • Boston has played 17 games this postseason. Both San Jose and St. Louis have played a lot more, especially when you count all the overtime they've played. Does rest matter? I really think it could... as much as I hate to say that.

  • Vince Dunn has been one of the best Blues' defenders. Oral surgery – and lots of it, if you consider blood loss a measure – could keep him out of Game 4. That could be a back breaker for the Blues.
  • Hand pass. The refs simply missed it. The game moves so fast. Bad bounce for the Blues. Hope it's not the same kind of bounce that screwed the Knights.
  • Tuukka Rask has been a beast. But he didn't need to be Thursday – the Canes had just four shots in the second period and two in the first 15 minutes of the third. His teammates played wet, woollen blanket – heavy, smothering and really irritating. The Canes had no chance.
  • Justin Williams' patience ran out. Then his luck.
  • It was fun while it lasted. The Storm Surge. Bunch of Jerks. Hamilton the Pig. This team is really fun to watch and they're good. I look forward to seeing more of them next year.