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Tweets from the Weekend: NFL Roster Cutdown Day

As much as I love a long-winded argument, I've increasingly come to accept that very few of my opinions require more than 280 characters of the English language. My sweet spot is somewhere between 140 and 280, so I'm eternally grateful (slight exaggeration) for Twitter's expansion of their limit.

But that's enough about me — the point here is brevity. And with that, I bring you the story of roster cut-down weekend in the NFL as told through tweets from RotoWire's football writers:

Fun fact: Lying about Frank Gore's viability as a late-round, deep-league commodity is a felony with a minimum 60-day sentence in four different counties in Louisiana.

Back in June I wrote the following in RotoWire's annual fantasy football magazine (before I learned the value of brevity, apparently):

There's really no successful NFL comparison for Devin Singletary, who ran a 4.66 40 at 5-7, 203. C.J. Anderson ran a 4.60 in 2013, but he was listed an inch taller and 21 pounds heavier than Singletary. The closest match among useful fantasy players is Devonta Freeman, who ran a 4.58 at 5-8, 206. Many of the running backs drafted in the middle and late rounds roughly match Singletary's prospect profile — sketchy physical specs combined with big-time production at a middle-of-the-pack college program.

Anyway, there are 24 hours in a day, and it wouldn't be healthy to spend more than five of them bashing the Bills. Plus, I don't really want death threats from #BillsMafia. Let's see what else happened this past weekend:

Sunday, August 31, 2019 — a weird day to be a Houston Texans fan; a bad day to be a Darwin Thompson fantasy owner; and a GREAT day to be Jason Thornbury, our resident Seattle Seahawks fan.

Have you seen the other trades for edge rushers from this past offseason, or the contracts they received afterward? The Seahawks got a steal here, just in time to beef up their defense for a cupcake Week 1 home matchup against the Bengals. Andy Dalton might cry.

More power to Kevin and John. I can't handle best-ball drafts with everything else that's going on at this point, but I am just a little bit sad to miss out on those Gore shares. As a non-believer in Singletary, I won't be surprised if Gore pushes for 200 touches. And don't forget about T.J. Yeldon on passing downs!

Making fun of Carlos Hyde is the one thing that might distract me from making fun of the Bills. Hyde was always hurt back when he was actually kind of good, and now that he's terrible he magically becomes durable. For what it's worth, the Texans cut Karan Higdon around the same time they picked up Hyde.

I still haven't bothered to check for any trade offers since Saturday.

Let's just say I'm not one of the people who recovered within a few minutes. I'm still struggling to make sense of my existence in a world where Damien Williams might have some competition for carries.

Still no resolution with Zeke and Gordon.

I. Love. Cheap. Targets.

Kliff Kingsbury loves four-wide sets on offense, and he doesn't have any cornerbacks on defense. Lions at Cardinals is a fascinating Week 1 game, even though neither team is likely to make the playoffs.

Just in case you thought this was stupid and you'd rather listen to a good podcast.