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Monday Night Observations

Of course, I had the Jets +9.5. And I was happy about it too.

How much of a no-show at home in a national standalone game against the league's Goliath, your most hated rival you play twice a year, can a team have? This was the Jets' Super Bowl, and it seemed like they hadn't bothered to prepare.

Tom Brady stayed in nearly the entire game, but didn't have to do much except spread around short passes. Sony Michel dropped a short pass, didn't have room to run, but scored three times. Julian Edelman had targets and three carries, but his longest play was 14 yards.

Sam Darnold had an all-time bad game. He completed 11 of 32 passes for 86 yards (2.7 YPA) with four picks. He also lost a fumble. Worse, many of his incompletions and picks looked like they were thrown without regard to whether he had a receiver in the area – just tossed up for grabs at random.

Le'Veon Bell seemed like the only good player on his team – though it was odd how little he was used in the passing game.

The Patriots defense is a fantasy football cheat code this year. Their schedule has been cake, but they deliver like a first-round running back every week. I'd love to see them matched up against a good offense, but you can only play the hand you're dealt.

I lost one match-up by less than a point as the other owners had Brady. I don't even want to think about what play in the fourth quarter, while the Pats were up 33-0, did me in.

I love that Bill Belichick, up 33-0 in the fourth quarter, challenged a short catch by Jamison Crowder. As though he were trying to deny them even the most minute success. And keep in mind the Patriots won't even see this team until next year, at which point it might have a different head coach.