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Monday Night Observations

That was a horrible game. The Cowboys were the better team – much tougher on both sides of the line of scrimmage – and much better in coverage. But the Giants still got screwed on the obvious PI that wasn't added on review, and then a ticky-tack PI against them on the next drive that resulted in a Dallas touchdown. Not that they would have won, but they might have covered.

The other issue was I had Saquon Barkley and Brett Maher in one league, down 31 and was going against Barkley up 33. I won the latter, and when I checked this morning after watching the game, lost the former by two tenths of a point. I probably would have gotten there too had Barkley not given up a couple yards on his final catch to get out of bounds. (Of course, I didn't realize it at the time.)

Daniel Jones passed the eye test for me again, no matter how much the booth was railing about turnovers. His interception was on third down, and it was a downfield throw (though Xavier Woods returned it past midfield.) He also lost two fumbles, but one was knocked out of his hand in garbage time as he was attempting to throw, and the other was on a scramble as he was going to the ground. Sure, he should have had better ball security on the going-to-the-ground one, but he's not a running back – ball security when running won't be a major factor in his career.

Mostly, he was accurate, and he had no running game, bad down and distance, and a rush that was in his face all day. It will get better for him.

Barkley had nowhere to run at all. It was like the Cowboys had 13 defenders on the field. I have no idea why the Giants offensive line is so bad – they paid Nate Solder, drafted Will Hernandez in the second round and traded for Kevin Zeitler. It shouldn't be this terrible. The Giants also rarely go to Barkley in the passing game as the primary target – he's often blocking and used as a check-down afterthought. I'd like to see more designed screens instead of Jones looking downfield all the time and waiting too long to get it to Barkley short.

Dak Prescott was okay – he made some big throws on the move, but his receivers were wide open, and he also missed a couple. The Giants defense isn't a great barometer to measure against in any event.

Ezekiel Elliott has an easy time of it, but he didn't score and didn't see a single target.

The booth was going above and beyond even its usual ass-kissing toward professional class-act and former colleague Jason Witten. As a Giants fan and someone who had them plus-seven, I was hoping for plays to Witten (nine targets 58 yards) to keep the game in reach.

I wonder how many totals bets and fantasy matchups that last defensive TD swung. Garbage time miracle for somebody.