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In-Season Strategy: Using the ROS H2H Rankings to Make Moves

RotoWire's NBA statistics expert Marc Roberts uses the rest-of-season projections to evaluate current and future production and suggests some moves he'd make based on the head-to-head rankings and RotoWire's recommended punting strategy of focusing the rankings on the six positive counting stats.


Damian Lillard: Through 38 games this season, Lillard is averaging a career high in each of the six positive counting fantasy categories on a per possession basis (according to


That's a remarkable achievement for someone who was thought to be close to a finished product after playing four years of college basketball. Best of all, Lillard's improved production appears to be a sustainable, natural progression.

For example, his increased scoring average is due almost entirely to his improved ability to score close to the basket. Last season, Lillard made only 48.5% of his shot attempts within five feet of the basketball, ranking him 4th worst among starting point guards. This season, Lillard has improved his field goal percentage within five feet to 60.3%, ranking him as the 7th among starting point guards, per

Lillard has worked to get stronger, and it shows on plays like the one below where he is able to finish at the rim despite contact from a defender:

Lillard is also getting fantasy owners nearly twice as many steals as he has in years past, which seems to be a function of both an improved Blazers' defensive, and individual improvements that Lillard has made to his game, which he discussed here.

These improvements, combined with his durability (Lillard has never missed a game), have Lillard checking in at number four overall in our head-to-head rest-of-season rankings below. If the Lillard owner in your league isn't valuing him as a top-5 player, it might be a good opportunity to make a trade. I'd deal anyone not named Davis, Curry, Harden, or Durant for Lillard. Considering LeBron's poor fantasy playoff schedule, I think a sharp LeBron owner would be looking to move James for a package that includes Lillard.


Rudy Gobert: Despite averaging 18.8 rebounds and 5.0 blocks per 100 possessions last season, Gobert came into the season on very few fantasy draft boards because of his limited role on the Utah Jazz. Gobert averaged only 9.6 mpg as a rookie, and there were concerns about whether he could share the court with Derrick Favors or Enes Kanter for extended periods of play.

Despite these concerns, Gobert's role has expanded this season, and so has his game. Gobert has already played almost twice as many minutes as he did all of last season (788 vs. 434), and he is still putting up elite block (5.6 per 100 possessions) and rebounding (17.1 per 100 possessions) numbers. In addition, Gobert is providing more scoring (15.8 points per 100 possessions on 64% shooting compared to 12.1 points on 49% FG last season), and assists (2.2 assists per 100 possessions compared to 0.8 assists last season) this season.

Gobert's fantasy breakout came just over a week ago when Enes Kanter went down with an ankle injury. During the four games that Kanter sat out, Gobert averaged 9.8 points, 9.0 rebounds, and 5.3 blocks in 33 mpg. Now that Kanter has returned from injury, Gobert's minutes will likely take a hit in the short term.

Even with his uncertain minutes, I think it's unwise to let Gobert sit on your waiver wire. It seems unlikely that the Jazz will shelf a player who has improved their defensive rating by 11 points per 100 possessions, and who leads the league in opponent field goal percentage for long. I'd look to add Gobert now with the hope that returns to the starting lineup soon. His fantasy potential is just too great.

Others to consider: Nerlens Noel (45%), Robert Covington (36%), Mario Chalmers (29%), Trey Burke (48%), DeMarre Carroll (32%), K.J. McDaniels (9%), Elfrid Payton (21%), Jarrett Jack (40%)


Below are rankings and auction values based on RotoWire Projections for the rest of the regular season. These rankings and auction values are intended for head-to-head leagues where RotoWire recommends focusing on the six positive counting categories (pts, rebs, asts, stls, blks, three-pointers), even if that strategy makes your team non-competitive in the other three categories. For custom rankings you can go here.

RankAuctionPlayerLast UpdateESPN Ownership%
1$58Stephen Curry1100%
2$51James Harden4100%
3$50Anthony Davis3100%
4$44Damian Lillard10100%
5$44LeBron James2100%
6$43Kevin Durant5100%
7$43John Wall7100%
8$42Chris Paul6100%
9$41DeMarcus Cousins15100%
10$39Blake Griffin13100%
11$39Michael Carter-Williams988%
12$38Paul Millsap1198%
13$37Kyle Lowry2199%
14$37Russell Westbrook8100%
15$34Andre Drummond1898%
16$34Kemba Walker1295%
17$33Kevin Love14100%
18$33Klay Thompson1699%
19$33Jrue Holiday2290%
20$32DeAndre Jordan1997%
21$31Draymond Green3281%
22$31Ty Lawson2097%
23$30Marc Gasol2399%
24$30Rudy Gay2699%
25$30Kyrie Irving17100%
26$30Serge Ibaka4099%
27$29Jeff Teague3691%
28$28Gorgui Dieng8159%
29$28Mike Conley3095%
30$28LaMarcus Aldridge33100%
31$28Tim Duncan3496%
32$27Gordon Hayward2796%
33$27Chris Bosh2899%
34$27Dwight Howard2499%
35$26Wesley Matthews4387%
36$26Monta Ellis3999%
37$26Trevor Ariza2981%
38$26Darren Collison4580%
39$25Nicolas Batum3885%
40$25Victor Oladipo4281%
41$25Derrick Favors4792%
42$24Ricky Rubio9158%
43$23Rajon Rondo3596%
44$23Danny Green5567%
45$22Jimmy Butler5394%
46$22Kobe Bryant3199%
47$22Carmelo Anthony3799%
48$22Goran Dragic5193%
49$21Nerlens Noel6045%
50$21Tyreke Evans5286%
51$21Robert Covington9336%
52$21Eric Bledsoe5796%
53$19Brandon Jennings4879%
54$19Chandler Parsons5093%
55$19Thaddeus Young5478%
56$19Brandon Knight6188%
57$18Joe Johnson6989%
58$18Mario Chalmers7629%
59$18Kyle Korver7081%
60$17Bradley Beal6883%
61$16Joakim Noah6595%
62$16Josh Smith4181%
63$16Markieff Morris4978%
64$16Dirk Nowitzki6499%
65$16Kenneth Faried7289%
66$16Kawhi Leonard4694%
67$16Mason PlumleeUnranked51%
68$15Andrew Wiggins8279%
69$15Greg Monroe6687%
70$15Al Horford7495%
71$15Pau Gasol6397%
72$14Al Jefferson4493%
73$14Nikola Vucevic5897%
74$14Rudy Gobert15028%
75$14Dwyane Wade8597%
76$14Trey Burke7148%
77$13DeMarre Carroll8332%
78$13K.J. McDaniels759%
79$12Jared Sullinger7378%
80$12Terrence Ross9636%
81$12Ryan Anderson7975%
82$11Marcin Gortat8085%
83$11Zach Randolph8493%
84$11DeMar DeRozan11489%
85$11Jae CrowderUnranked1%
86$10Tobias Harris8987%
87$10Tyson Chandler8686%
88$10Paul Pierce7853%
89$9Roy Hibbert5974%
90$9Luol Deng10979%
91$8Jamal Crawford7781%
92$8Kelly Olynyk13228%
93$8Marcus Smart1426%
94$8Elfrid Payton13321%
95$8J.J. Redick10661%
96$8Courtney Lee10117%
97$8Tony Wroten10369%
98$7Jose Calderon11729%
99$7Jarrett Jack14640%
100$7Giannis Antetokounmpo11367%
101$7David West10273%
102$7Ben McLemore10414%
103$6Isaiah Thomas12271%
104$6Mirza Teletovic1119%
105$6Kentavious Caldwell-Pope9810%
106$6Amir Johnson11923%
107$6Derrick Rose10596%
108$5Lance Stephenson6751%
109$5Jusuf NurkicUnranked19%
110$5Arron Afflalo13467%
111$5Patrick Beverley11245%
112$5Timofey Mozgov9222%
113$4Solomon Hill1307%
114$4Wilson Chandler11562%
115$4Jonas Valanciunas9776%
116$4Ed Davis13518%
117$4Channing Frye627%
118$3Eric Gordon17616%
119$3Kevin Martin18353%
120$3Robin Lopez9523%
121$3Harrison Barnes13132%
122$3Manu Ginobili12145%
123$3Andrew Bogut12938%
124$3Jordan Hill10063%
125$3Reggie Jackson9464%
126$3Omer Asik10835%
127$2Taj Gibson11658%
128$2Corey Brewer14519%
129$2George Hill14937%
130$2P.J. Tucker1285%
131$2Evan TurnerUnranked14%
132$2Steven Adams15410%
133$2Dante Exum1912%
134$2Jeremy Lin14433%
135$2Tony Parker10784%
136$1Enes Kanter8832%
137$1James Johnson1684%
138$1Tristan Thompson15346%
139$1Andre Iguodala12720%
140$1Tony Allen1106%
141$1Khris Middleton17514%
142$1Cody Zeller1186%
143$1C.J. Miles19815%
144$1Patrick Patterson1487%
145$1Matt Barnes1405%
146$1Donatas Motiejunas15213%
147$1Deron Williams2576%
148$1Boris Diaw1369%
149$1Shabazz MuhammadUnranked52%
150$1Evan Fournier14121%
151$1Greivis Vasquez1565%
152$1Gerald Green12446%
153$1O.J. Mayo14310%
154$1Ronnie Price1631%
155$1Tim Hardaway1970%
156$1Marcus Morris1475%
157$-Norris Cole1802%
158$-Avery Bradley15728%
159$-Jodie Meeks18221%
160$-Dion Waiters16711%
161$-Tyler Zeller17316%
162$-Mike Dunleavy1256%
163$-Carlos Boozer16549%
164$-Michael Kidd-Gilchrist18825%
165$-Tiago Splitter1903%
166$-J.R. Smith13728%
167$-John HensonUnranked6%
168$-Louis Williams18743%
169$-J.J. HicksonUnranked6%
170$-Iman Shumpert1997%
171$-Nene Hilario15522%
172$-Spencer Hawes1864%
173$-Jared DudleyUnranked8%
174$-Marvin Williams1843%
175$-Shawne WilliamsUnranked2%
176$-Rodney Stuckey17210%
177$-Nick Young18550%
178$-D.J. AugustinUnranked4%
179$-Kirk Hinrich1812%
180$-Kyle O'QuinnUnranked2%
181$-Brook Lopez12383%
182$-Marco BelinelliUnranked3%
183$-Alan AndersonUnranked0%
184$-Vince CarterUnranked2%
185$-Hollis Thompson1660%
186$-Larry Sanders13815%
187$-Jason SmithUnranked1%
188$-Jonas JerebkoUnranked1%
189$-Henry Sims1784%
190$-Amar'e Stoudemire15929%
191$-Luis Scola1776%
192$-Marreese SpeightsUnranked24%
193$-Steve Blake1951%
194$-Miles Plumlee1394%
195$-Rasual Butler1743%
196$-Cole AldrichUnranked13%
197$-Jerryd BaylessUnranked1%
198$-Jason TerryUnranked1%
199$-Nikola MiroticUnranked8%
200$-Aaron BrooksUnranked6%