The RotoWire Blog has been retired.

These archives exist as a way for people to continue to view the content that had been posted on the blog over the years.

Articles will no longer be posted here, but you can view new fantasy articles from our writers on the main site.

RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship

RotoWire has partnered with FanDuel, inviting RotoWire readers like yourself entrance into an exclusive Fantasy Baseball Championship contest!

The contest begins Friday, April 10th. Entrants will participate in a series of 14 Weekly Qualifier contests each Friday, leading to 'The Final' on July 10th, with $15,000 in free prizes to be won, including $2,000 awarded for first place.

Be sure to swing for the fences because up to 50 RotoWire experts – including yours truly – will join the field each week and compete in the first 13 Weekly Qualifiers.

Note: The RotoWire expert group will not be participating in The Final for this Championship contest. We'd rather that prize money land in the pockets of our loyal readers. Besides, as long as the coffee is brewing at RotoWire Headquarters, life is good.

Need more details? FanDuel has you covered with their Official Terms & Conditions. But here is what I can tell you right off the bat (all puns intended):

  • Standard FanDuel scoring will be used for the contest.
  • 50 non-RotoWire employees will win an entry into the Final tournament each week. This Final will consist of 650 seats. A maximum of 10 entries are permitted, per user.
  • What's the catch? There is none, unless we're talking about the game-saving Mike Trout highlights that we expect to see this year.
  • RotoWire will post a weekly column covering highlights from this RotoWire/FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship contest. Consider what you're reading now to be the leadoff article for the series.

Much like the baseball season itself, the fun has just begun. Play Ball!