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Riding Out the Storm (Fri Lineup)

Another W for the Stormy team! And this time, they were able to win the overall thanks to having the least-awful second pitcher. They are still digging out of a substantial hole after being essentially doubled up on both Monday and Tuesday. There is still a 90-point split in the overall, but an attainable 47-point gap between just the lineups which matters more in this particular case.



Two more subzero SP efforts on the ledger, though these were within the expectation range. The ones that really suck are the ones like Matt Harvey's against the Giants (-5.3).

After yesterday's ugly pitching, today's full slate (well, minus the Cubs day game) offers plenty of pitching which really helps the Stormy team. The depressed prices of these lagging players opens up a chance to roster two aces if they're available. Today offers plenty of big arms.


I was going to go with a pair of home guys in Price and Madison Bumgarner, but I can't pass up the strikeout potential for Felix in Houston.

Perez had a nice series in Minnesota (7, 17, and 8 DK points). He also finished the weekend with a pair of homers in Texas (17, 14 pts) so all of a sudden he's got the 2nd-best wRC+ over the last 14 days at 154. This is exactly the kind of performance you'd want by riding out of the storm with a player.

Butler didn't play Thursday, but otherwise has remained pretty chilly with 7 total points on Monday and Tuesday. Hector Santiago is pitching well this year, but still has a 210-point platoon split favoring right-handed hitters so I've at least got a favorable matchup for Butler tonight.

I'd say Cano has been a success so far this week. Not an overwhelming one, but definitely out-earning his price tag with 12, 6, and 5 points totals in the three games at Cleveland. We still haven't seen that huge 20+ point day that New York Yankee Cano and even 2014 Cano would put up with some regularity.

Sandoval has been a lineup staple after an off-day on Monday and he delivered a bit last night with 12 points, but totaled just three in the other two games (1-for-7). Even with last night, he is still second-worst on the wRC+ boards for third baseman over the last 14 days. His 11 is a pretty sharp improvement over the -14 he had on Monday, though.

Shortstop was light on options after I built the lineup including Asdrubal Cabrera who isn't playing today. Semien was just a placeholder, though, and I didn't have time to re-do the screenshot. Alexei Ramirez is in the lineup now. Remember, he was second to Cabrera in our pool of potentials for this exercise with his 21 wRC+.

Melky has been a tick worse than Cano, but he has scored all three days (5, 14, 2) giving him points in seven of his last 10 games. Unfortunately that constitutes as progress for Cabrera right now.

Pagan is rolling with seven straight scoring games, but I'm not doing backflips over his 12 points (2, 6, 4).

Rios destroys lefties for his career, though its eluded him this year with a .643 OPS. He ran off three straight seasons of an .857 OPS or better against lefties including an .898 just last year. Jaime Garcia isn't chopped liver and yeah, Rios isn't playing very well, but that's why he's on this team in the first place.

The Wave team is star-studded, but that pitching could implode hard.