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The Inside Edge Optimizer

It took longer than both of us had hoped, but Inside Edge's projection data combined with RotoWire's brilliant lineup Optimizer is finally ready.

[Check it out here. It's available as an add-on to RotoWire's full MLB Optimizer subscription. It's well worth the cost.]

Inside Edge has been in the baseball data and scouting business since the early 1990s, with a baseball database second to none. It's this deep database that gives us, yes, an "edge" over the competition of other daily game prognosticators.

What all goes into our secret sauce? Of course, the usual stuff everyone else is using like recent performance, lefty/righty, home/road, WOBA, etc. Our advantage is in data points like similar pitchers – in, for example, velocity, repertoire and overall quality, well-hit data and luck factors, to name a few. And since we're relatively new to this business, our model is constantly being improved.

You won't necessarily get the consensus picks with Inside Edge. You might get several players less than five percent of your contest is taking. You might get some righties on righties or lefties on lefties when other data is strong. Because many of the questions we're asking are different, often our answers are different as well. As for success rate, 58 percent is supposed to be the magic number for cash games. In the relatively short amount of time we've been playing, we've beaten that and hope to do even better in the future.

As I write this early on Friday, I run the IE Optimizer and get sleepers like Anthony Rendon, Ian Desmond, V-Mart, Brandon Moss and Jayson Werth. Effective sleepers are so crucial in allowing you to load the rest of your lineup with big bombers and top-notch starting pitching. The Inside Edge projections are particularly effective at identifying that underpriced player who's set to go off.

Since we're so late, the IE Optimizer is available for the rest of the season at just $10. Please take it for a spin and enjoy the spoils.