RotoWire/FanClash – Sports Trivia Contest

If you love to play Fantasy Football and think you know more than the rest of the sports world about it, we have a website for you! Put that fantasy knowledge to the test on Fanclash Trivia, the #1 Sports Trivia Site for Cash and Prizes. Rotowire has teamed up with FanClash to bring you NFL Week 9 Trivia with cash on the line. The contest doesn’t go live until November 9th at 9pm, but you¹ll want to sign up today and get your account set up so you can jump right in and play on that night. The best part is that it’s FREE to play for all Rotowire users that night and you still win cash prizes! Reserve your spot now and you will compete with Rotowire’s own Kevin Payne to see who really knows the most about NFL Trivia from all of Week 9’s action. Cash prizes go to the top 100 scores and top 5 also win a free  6-month Rotowire subscription!

It’s easy to play Fanclash Trivia. Basically, you play 10 question contests that take less than 2 minutes each. You can play as many contests as you can finish in the half-hour timeframe. You get a different score for every 10 question game. Only your highest scores matter. If you play 10 times it takes your best score from one of those 10 games. You get points for speed and having the right answer. You’ve got no chance to google any answers!

If you want to try it out now, they have a great FREE Demo or try out their QUICK PLAY function where you can compete in all sports vs. fans to win cash prizes.

So on Wednesday, November 9th when there is NO NFL action, log on to at 9pm and put your fantasy football knowledge to the test for FREE!

The Cash Payout Structure is as follows:

1st = $25, 2nd = $20, 3rd = $15, 4th = $10 5th = $5, 6-100th = $2, 1st-5th = FREE 6-month Rotowire subscription