Stanley Cup Game 2: No Small-Man Syndrome Here

  • Torey Krug plays like he’s 6-9, not 5-9. There’s no small-man syndrome here. He’s tough and damn talented.
  • Brad Marchand and Patrick Maroon’s chirping is a little like two 10-year-olds on the schoolyard. All talk, no action. Except they’re both 31. #GrowUp

  • Patrice Bergeron is hurt. Why else would he be on the bench with 10 seconds left and a defensive zone face-off. The Bruins need him to win. Noel Acciari cannot replace him at the dot.
  • Vladimir Tarasenko got on the scoreboard with that sprawling backhander that went roof. But he’s hurting. Shoulder, maybe? He’ll be targeted at every turn.
  • The Bruins’ power play is a thing of beauty. They go straight into the zone and drive the net aggressively, right off the entry. And it’s effective because the Blues have no chance to set up. I don’t know why everyone else uses that back pass in the neutral zone.
  • David Perron needs to get his crap together. His passive play turned into a — you guessed it — Sean Kuraly takeaway and a Joakim Nordstrom goal. Kuraly drives the play again. Perron has to be better.
  • Brayden Schenn had every right to be incensed on that third-period slashing penalty. He barely touched Noel Acciari’s stick before it exploded on an attempted shot.
  • Jordan Binnington is one of the coolest, calmest characters of this postseason. And he’s a goalie! How’s that even possible?
  • WTF on Don Cherry’s jacket. Spit.