Video game mode, changing offices and hunting rats — Tuesday’s NHL playoff observations

  • Artemi Panarin plays in video game mode, like the puck is rimmed with Velcro and stuck to his stick. Brandon Saad who? Thought so.
  • Alexander Ovechkin has scored something like 600 goals from his “office,” so why would you have him move to the blue line on the power play? #Awkward . At least the Caps won.

  • I’m not sure what was worse — Josh Morrissey’s crosscheck to Eric Staal’s face or his immediate readiness to argue with the ref over the call. ID-10-T. He’ll be considered a repeat offender.
  • Cue the comeback … maybe. Braden Holtby was a stud Tuesday night. The Caps’ only shot is that he is their best player every night. He can do that, but will he?
  • Devin Dubnyk was the best Wild man Tuesday night — just one goal snuck through. He’s doing his part, but without Zach Parise, the Wild’s offence is about as useful as a broken vase.
  • How sweet do you think it was for Brayden McNabb to score his first career playoff goal? And against the team that exposed him in the expansion draft? Another reject rubbing it in the face of his former squad.
  • Let me get this off my chest. Sean Couturier is out because a coach failed to wait for one practice sequence to end before he passed the puck to Radko Gudas, who clearly didn’t see Coots coming. Gudas is many things, but there’s NO way he’d deliberately hurt a teammate. Seriously, people.
  • Where the eff is Anze Kopitar? His 92 regular-season points look hollow, now that he and the Kings have mustered just three goals total heading into the third period of Game 4. Gulp.
  • The Golden Knights are to the Kings as terriers are to rats. They only quit once they have their prey. Big gulp.