Week 6 FAAB Results

I didn’t find this to be a huge week for FAAB bidding. Obviously Nate Lowe was a big target in leagues with weekly bidding, especially when you couldn’t speculate in advance, and the same is true with the Angels’ Griffin Canning. Canning in particular wasn’t taken in most leagues in advance of his promotion, so in NFBC formats he was a big target as well.

This week I’m including the results of my midweek bids that ran overnight on Thursday, after blogging about some of my AL targets there last week. As it turns out, my AL home league was the one spot where I was able to win Nate Lowe in FAAB bidding, though I also snagged him in a first-come, first-serve league when the Rays announced that they’d be calling him up.

AmiciĀ (11-team, AL-only, 4×4 league):

This was a slight overpay for Lowe, but among the remaining available AL prospects, I think Lowe could have the biggest impact this year, especially now that Bo Bichette is hurt. Moreover, I had already spent a decent percentage of my FAAB. This league allows for $0 bids, so if and when I run out, I can still add players, albeit they won’t often be my first choice. However, I think that Lowe can make a five-month impact, and I think that will provide a bigger push in the standings than a two-month contribution from a bigger name at the trade deadline – one I’m far from guaranteed to get even if I don’t spend a dime before the deadline. The dynamics of a mono-league contributed to the decision to go for this. Lowe isn’t nearly as impactful in a 15-team mixed league, let alone in a 12-team mixer.

Midnight Madness (10-team, NL-only, 5×5 but OPS instead of Runs):

I’m hurting for saves, but not for a complete lack of trying – I kept extended Archie Bradley to a two-year deal in this league, obviously before Greg Holland was named the closer. But I also am not that big of a believer in Luke Jackson, so I only put in a token bid on him, and I should have put in for Reyes Moronta. As opposed to Amici, I still have a competitive stack of FAAB, so it’s possible to land a bigger name if/when one comes along.

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AL Tout Wars

Doug Dennis: res JBarria LAA, pur FValdez Hou 3
Nando DiFino: res AHanson Tor, pur SBolt Oak 122
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton: res LLynn Tex, pur JRodriguez Cle 33
Mike Gianella: res TGore KC, pur NLowe TB 411
Larry Schechter: res RStanek TB, pur YPetit Oak 6
Patrick Davitt: res CRoe TB, pur SArmstrong Bal 9
Jason Collette: dis JPaxton NYY, pur PSeverino Bal 54
Doug Dennis: rel LMaile Tor, pur NHundley Oak 2
Howard Bender: res MSmith Sea, pur JCave Min 33

My starting pitching has fallen apart in this league, fueling a 15-point drop in the last week, and more if you go back a few more days. Blake Snell’s unfortunate toe injury was the primary source of my troubles, though I’ll also be pretty happy if Brad Peacock never faces the Twins again. Hopefully Snell’s start Monday night reverses those fortunes. I have depth among my hitters, and while Lowe could be an improvement for me, I really need to land pitching help and didn’t want to spend a big chunk of FAAB only to set up a trade for what I really needed. Had I gone aggressively after him, I would have bid in the 300’s, which wouldn’t have gotten him here.

NFBC Main Event

I might regret not being more aggressive on Lowe, though again, even if I had I don’t think I would have gotten him. I was at $115 for him and was the second place bid on Griffin Canning at $88. I ended up with Jalen Beeks, who is essentially taking the Ryan Yarbrough role for the Rays. I plan to flip him and Yonny Chirinos when I can depending on who might have more outings in a given week, or who is projected to have a better matchup. Beeks is in line to face the Diamondbacks whereas Chirinos most likely will face the Yankees. I do regret cutting Ty Buttrey though – we’ll see if the Angels back-end is settled, but I thought he was the cut I’d regret the least.

RotoWire OC1

I focused my attention on Jake Odorizzi and failed, and I could have gotten Griffin Canning with a real bid. I need starting pitching, and this was a letdown.

RotoWire OC2


I only put in for Lowe and Canning and came up well short in both. Shrug emoji.


I went semi-aggressively after Jake Odorizzi and didn’t come close to getting him. I should have bid the same amount ($43) for Martin Perez instead. About the only good thing I can say is that my bids are necessarily modest because I landed Chris Paddack earlier, which is pretty, pretty, pretty nice.

Mixed LABR

At least I landed Canning in one place, and the bid was optimized! Now all I have to do is hope that he sticks and that he’s worth it!