Week in review in the Hoops Lab 11/16/16

As most of you hopefully know, I write a weekly NBA article on Rotowire called The Hoops Lab. But as many of you might not know, I also run a blog of the same name in which I put out NBA content pretty much daily. Here are some of my articles from the past week or so:

What exactly do we have in Andrew Wiggins: A scouting-based look at Andrew Wiggins, the prospect once touted as the Canadian Michael Jordan that had entered his third season overshadowed on his own team by young Karl-Anthony Towns. Wiggins scored 47 points the other night…how good is he?

My unsuccessful attempt to live blog the Pelicans vs Lakers game live from New Orleans. Unfortunately, security wouldn’t let me into the game with my laptop so I wasn’t able to do this one. But at least I got a cool pic of a giant Anthony Davis that I was able to include on the blog.

Wolves vs Thunder, Impromptu Live Blog of 1st quarter of the game. This was a scouting-type post as I reported what I was seeing about players like Russell Westbrook, Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Wiggins, Steven Adams and Kris Dunn while watching them play.

Ray Allen recently made his retirement official. Here’s a look back at his career from a scouting perspective, and a comparison between he and his biggest historical rival (Reggie Miller) and his biggest contemporary rival (Kobe Bryant)

Not included here, in the Hoops Lab blog I write DFS advice called Lesson Plans at least five times a week. The Lesson Plans tease and link to the DFS articles that I write for Rotowire, but they also tend to include a few extra thoughts that I didn’t include in the Rotowire article. Here’s a link to the Lesson Plan from Tuesday, 11/15 as an example of what I mean.

I also link to other content that I do that is covered on Rotowire.com such as the weekly Hoops Lab article, video clips that I recorded with TYTSports, and interview appearances I make on the Rotowire Fantasy Sports Today show on XM Sirius.

And I also have a miscellaneous tab, in which I talk about whatever comes to my mind. It can be as light-hearted as lamenting about the music the kids listen to these days, to my thoughts on amazing sports accomplishments outside of basketball, to my reaction to the presidential election. The miscellaneous section of the Hoops Lab gives you a window into what I may be thinking about outside of basketball, if ever you’re interested.

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I invite all of you to come check out the Hoops Lab blog daily for your NBA fix, with content and an approach that you really won’t find anywhere else.