DraftKings LoL: Saturday LEC Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday LEC Cheat Sheet

This article is part of our DraftKings LoL series.


  • 12:00 p.m: FC Schalke 04 vs. Team Vitality
  • 12:50 p.m: SK Gaming vs. Origen
  • 1:40 p.m: MAD lions vs. Misfits
  • 2:30 p.m: G2 eSports vs. excel eSports
  • 3:20 p.m: Fnatic vs. Rogue

S04 (4-11) vs. Vitality (1-14)

Well, here we are with S04 (insert clown joke). They looked really good against Misfits, and I was shocked on how proactive they were, and luxor was a big part of the win. Vitality just can't get things going and if S04 didn't look this clean the past coupe of weeks I would have put this game as a 60/40 S04. Now, I have full faith and this should be a bloody game to target on the S04 side.

Prediction: S04

Origen (10-4) vs. SK (2-13)

Another quick write up, as Origen never loses to bad teams because they don't troll drafts or games. They are a one-minded team that just works on perfecting their craft. SK are a bad team and maybe they can do something cheesy, but even then they are not good .

Prediction: OG

MAD (9-6) vs. Misfits (9-6)

MAD lions took care of business against an inferior team like SK. Deeper dive into Misfits against S04 because this team has some great talent in Dan Dan and Febiven. I think they hard trolled the game against S04 because they had Febiven play a champion he has never played before and they put their support player on Gallio. Gallio support is a thing, but with that team

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