PropSwap Picks of the Week

PropSwap Picks of the Week

This article is part of our PropSwap Picks of the Week series.

Have you ever made a bet at a sportsbook that you later regretted? Did the money line change on you?  Or, conversely, did you bet on a future that suddenly had a great chance at hitting? If so, a secondary marketplace to sell your ticket is available to you!  PropSwap posts your tickets and makes them available via a straight sale or a bidding process. Think of PropSwap as an eBay for sports tickets. Like an item on eBay, you place the ticket on PropSwap, and then people can buy and/or bid on your action.  And, yes, that's right - you can also buy action on the site as well!

The purpose of our weekly article is to take a look at what's available on PropSwap this week and give advice on our best buys. Before you buy anything on PropSwap, be sure to read the fine print. The betting slip will be sent to you via certified mail, so if your ticket wins, you need to be near a licensed sportsbook to cash it in. Although deadlines to cash vary, most sportsbooks' typical expiration date is six months or 180 days from the initial purchase.


PACKERS-1.5, BROWNS+3.5, BEARS+2.5, GB TB OV 54.5, PIT CLE OV 51.5, CAR CHI OV 44.5  

Odds 25.47:1  COST: $65.00 TO WIN $2250.00

We'll begin this week's picks with a parlay instead of a futures bet. There's a nice mix of action on this ticket, and I think the O/U lines are right on target.  The odds take a huge jump with the Browns wager, and that's the highest variance you'll have to endure here.  Otherwise, it's easy to give the Packers a pass with the return of Davante Adams.

Patriots to miss 2020-21 Playoffs  $85.00

Odds -130.77 TO WIN $150.00

If you're looking to get your feet wet on PropSwap, this is a pretty good low-variance way to start. It'll be a challenge for the Pats to play a full schedule at this point, but even without Tom Brady, it's hard to bet against them. If they lose Cam Newton for even a week, their playoff chances take a huge dip, and there are serious misgivings about their defense right now.


Alabama To Win 2021 CFB Championship $115.00

Odds 2.7:1 TO WIN: $425.00

After Alabama's narrow win last week, this future bet inched up a bit, and it might be a sensible bet before the Tide rolls over opponents in their remaining schedule. If they can fix some of their defensive shortcomings, they have a wealth of offensive talent, and they can burn you in the air or on the ground.

Ohio State To Win 2021 CFB Championship $110.00

Odds 3.09:1 TO WIN: $450.00

The Big 10 bets are emerging as the teams kick off their season, and this is a pretty favorable wager if the Buckeyes can stay unbeaten.  The big variable here is the fate of Urban Meyer.  There's a lot of talk about Meyer considering an NFL coaching gig, and if he made that move before next season, their fortunes would fade a bit.  Conversely, that might be enough motivation for the sharps to take Ohio State once the line moves on this news.  There's no persuading evidence that this will happen, however.


Atlanta Braves To Win 2020 World Series $150.00

Odds 1.27:1 TO WIN: $340.00

I put out a Braves buy a couple of weeks ago, and it'll be tough to find a favorable bet for the Braves now. This is still a fun ticket if you want some action in the Series, as it's likely that both the Rays and the Braves will prevail, barring a huge comeback. The Rays have great pitching and a deep bullpen, but the Braves' bats are hot and pose a significant challenge for Tampa Bay.


Abraham Ancer To Win 2020 Masters $99.00

Odds 50.01:1 TO WIN: $5050.00

I'd love to see a Xander Schauffele bet to come in, but I think the odds for Ancer present a great opportunity.  He's headed into this weekend with a T20 and has made four consecutive cuts. It'll be Ancer's first shot at Augusta, making him a huge dog against others who know how to manage the course, but we've seen darkhorses fare well here. 

Jeff Edgerton
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