Lucra Promo Code - Get $10 In Free Play On Lucra Sports App

Lucra Promo Code - Get $10 In Free Play On Lucra Sports App

Use our Lucra promo code and get an instant $10 in free play bonus when you sign up.

The motto of Lucra, a daily fantasy sports (DFS) app that is growing quickly in popularity is "Winning is fun, but beating your friends is better." Lucra DFS brings the fun of prop bets to daily fantasy sports, allowing for users to sign up and win money.

Lucra brings a social element to DFS, as every Lucra user on the platform can create contests with other customers. Beat your friends or play strangers on the platform, but you are never playing against the house -- Lucra itself.

Below, we will go over everything Lucra has to offer as a daily fantasy sports platform, how to sign up, and the best Lucra promo code to use.

Lucra Sports Promo Code

🎁 Lucra Sports Promo Code$10 In Free Play
🖊️ Welcome Offer$10 Welcome Offer For New Players
🥇 Why Play At Lucra Sports?Peer-to-peer sports contests are available
✅ Promo Code Last Validated December, 2022

Lucra DFS sits at the intersection of sports gambling and fantasy sports, but it operates as a daily fantasy sports company so more users are eligible to use it. Daily fantasy players participate on its peer-to-peer gaming platform where you win by picking player props correctly.

With everything being customizable, you can create your own contest to compete against your friends, or you can join existing contests to play against other Lucra users in more skill-based contests.

By clicking our Lucra promo code link below to sign up, you'll receive $10 in free play to get started today!

How To Sign Up For Lucra Sports

Signing up for the Lucra Sports and the Lucra DFS app is extremely easy. Simply, follow the steps below to sign up.

1. Click Our Link To Download The Lucra App

By clicking our Lucra promo code link, you will receive $10 in bonus funds when you create a new account. The Lucra DFS app is only available on iOS. It has a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars.

2. Create Your Account

After downloading the app, you will need to create a new account. To do this, you will have to verify your identity by providing basic information, such as your name and email address. Make a deposit to complete your account creation and redeem the Lucra DFS promo code offer.

3. Start Winning Today

You can use the $10 in free play on any contest. Choose to either create your own contest or join an existing one. To win, you'll need to pick player props more accurately than your opponent.

How To Play DFS At Lucra

Lucra DFS gives users a new way to play daily fantasy sports. This is a new peer-to-peer platform where customers are responsible for setting their own player props to compete against friends or other users. The most unique aspect of Lucra is that users create their own prop bets, rather than playing the lines laid out by sportsbook operators and their traders.

You can create your own contest with player props -- choosing to challenge friends or groups -- or you can also choose to send it to the public feed. Users can also search the public feed for contests they'd like to compete in.

Player props can come from any sport, including football, basketball, and more. Wager and win real money from these contests, and brag to your friends when you beat them.

Lucra Sports Legal States: What States Offer Lucra?

While sports betting is getting legalized in more and more states across the U.S., there are still many states where it remain illegal. However, DFS is available in the majority of states. In fact, Lucra DFS is available in 34 states as well as Washington, D.C.

The following are the Lucra DFS legal states: AL, AK, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, ME, MA, MN, MS, MO, NE, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, PA, RI, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, and WY.

Unlike sports betting, the legal age for Lucra DFS is 18 years old in nearly every state. The exceptions are that you must be at least 19 years old in Alabama and Nebraska, and you have to be at least 21 years old in Massachusetts.

Lucra DFS App Review

While Lucra is new, it offers something different and better than many other DFS apps. The platform is easy to use, and you get $10 in free play when you sign up using our Lucra DFS promo code link.

By eliminating the aspect of competing against the house, Lucra DFS already has an edge over daily fantasy sports sites that offer player prop contests. You get to play by your lines, not the betting props created for you. Because of this, you responsible for setting your own props to a spot where your friends or other Lucra customers are willing to pick the other side.

We recommend signing up with at Lucra Sports using the Lucra DFS promo code link to take on your friends in contests that you get to create.

Top 3 Pros About Lucra DFS & Offers

The top three pros about Lucra DFS are its customizable contests, playing against other users instead of the house, and the availability of the app in states where sports betting is not yet legalized.

Customizable Contests

One of the most exciting aspects on the Lucra DFS platform are the customizable contests. While some sportsbooks don't allow you to change the player prop you are betting, Lucra DFS allows you to customize the player props and contests you play in. This includes live in-game contests, which lets you create real-money contests while the game is happening. There are restrictions regarding when you can create in-game contests. For example, at least one quarter must be left to create a football contest.

Peer-To-Peer Contests

The Lucra DFS platform offers unique peer-to-peer contests where you are simply playing against your opponent(s) to pick player props more accurately. This is more fair, fun, responsible, and often profitable for fantasy sports players.


While the contests at Lucra use sports betting player props, the app operates as a fantasy sports company. This means Lucra Sports is available in the majority of states, giving customers the thrill of gambling in many states were sports betting is not yet legal.

Lucra Sports Payment Methods And Withdrawal Methods

It's easy to withdraw or deposit on Lucra DFS. However, with it being a new app, the choices are a bit limited.

New users can create an account through the Lucra promo code link in this article and add funds to their new account by using only debit or credit cards.

To withdraw funds, users can click "Cash Out Funds" on the Settings page of the app. Users can receive withdrawals via ACH (direct) deposit or a physical check.

How To Get Help With Lucra Customer Service

To get help with Lucra customer service, simply click "Contact Us" to send an email, or send a message to There, Lucra representatives will be able to answer any questions you have about the platform, the contests available, and more.

Lucra App Final Thoughts

Lucra DFS is a great new fantasy sports app that offers something new. Yes, we have seen prop-based DFS apps in the past, but Lucra allows you to create the props yourself. This sets the app apart from others and makes it even more exciting to use.

While it is currently only available on iOS, the company has said the app will be available on more platforms soon. If you have an iOS device, click the Lucra DFS promo code link below and claim your $10 in Lucra Bucks today.

Lucra DFS FAQs

What is Lucra Sports?

Lucra Sports is a peer-to-peer sports gaming platform that sits at the crossroads of sports betting and fantasy sports. It operates as a DFS site that offers player prop contests for those who sign up.

What are Lucra Bucks?

Lucra Bucks are the Lucra Sports version of a free play or free bet credits. Lucra Bucks work the same as cash, as you can use them to enter any contest on the platform. However, Lucra Bucks do not have a real-world cash value, so they cannot be withdrawn. Winnings from a contest entered with Lucra Bucks, however, can be withdrawn immediately.

Can you lose money on Lucra DFS?

Yes, you can lose money on Lucra DFS. Since you are risking real money on the prop bets on the platform, albeit against other users, there will be winners and losers in each DFS contest. If you lose, you can lose money on Lucra DFS.

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