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Bernie On The Scene: Outfield Rankings

Bernie Pleskoff

Bernie Pleskoff is a former professional scout for the Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners.

This is the next edition of my player ranking articles.

Outfielders are a bit more difficult to rank because of the sheer number of them. There are lots of players to review and rank.

One thing I wish to make clear once again. The difference between the top tier of players and the next tier is more obvious than the difference of players in the same tier. Does that make sense?

I think next year I would like to rank players by tier.

Again, I really look at home and away park factors, lineup protection, pitchers in the division, injury history, batting order position and the player's attitude as critical factors in evaluating players for this ranking.


1. Ryan Braun - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
2. Mike Trout - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
3. Matt Kemp - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
4. Andrew McCutchen - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
5. Yoenis Cespedes - home runs, RBI, runs, ave
6. Carlos Gonzalez - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
7. Jose Bautista - home runs, RBI, runs
8. Giancarlo Stanton - home runs, RBI,
9. Josh Hamilton - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
10. Bryce Harper - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases
11. Adam Jones - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
12. Jason Heyward - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases
13. Jay Bruce - home runs, RBI, runs
14. Matt Holliday - home runs, RBI, runs, ave
15. Justin Upton - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases
16. Jacoby Ellsbury - home runs, runs, stolen bases, ave
17. Alex Gordon - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
18. B.J. Upton- home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases
19. Allen Craig - home runs, RBI, runs, ave
20. Torii Hunter - home runs, RBI, runs, ave
21. Austin Jackson - home runs, runs, stolen bases, ave
22. Curtis Granderson - home runs, RBI, runs
23. Martin Prado - RBI, runs, stolen bases, ave
24. Ben Zobrist - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases
25. Shin-Soo Choo - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases
26. Melky Cabrera - home runs, RBI, runs, ave.
27. Carlos Beltran - home runs, RBI, runs,
28. Michael Bourn - runs, stolen bases
29. Hunter Pence - home runs, RBI, runs
30. Franklin Gutierrez- home runs, RBI, runs
31. Josh Willingham - home runs, RBI, runs
32. Mike Morse - home runs, RBI, runs, ave
33. Alex Rios - home runs, RBI, runs, stolen bases
34. Nick Markakis - home runs, RBI, runs, ave
35. Mark Trumbo - home runs, RBI, runs
36. Desmond Jennings - runs, stolen bases
37. Norichika Aoki - runs, stolen bases, ave
38. Jayson Werth - RBI, runs, average
39. Nelson Cruz - home runs, RBI, runs
40. Dexter Fowler - home runs, runs, stolen bases
41. Nick Swisher - home runs, RBI, runs
42. Brett Gardner - runs, stolen bases
43. Shane Victorino - runs, stolen bases
44. Alfonso Soriano - home runs, RBI
45. Ichiro Suzuki - runs, stolen bases
46. Dayan Viciedo - home runs, RBI, runs
47. Andre Ethier - home runs, RBI, runs, ave
48. Josh Reddick - home runs, RBI, runs,
49. David Murphy - runs, average
50. Denard Span - stolen bases
51. Coco Crisp - stolen bases
52. Emilio Bonifacio - runs, stolen bases
53. Carlos Quentin - RBI
54. Carlos Gomez - home runs, runs, stolen bases
55. Michael Cuddyer - home runs, RBI
56. Ryan Ludwick - home runs, RBI, runs
57. Angel Pagan - runs, stolen bases, ave
58. Alejandro De Aza - runs, stolen bases, ave
59. Jon Jay - stolen bases, ave
60. Chris Davis - home runs, RBI, runs
61. Carl Crawford - runs, stolen bases
62. Ben Revere - runs, stolen bases
63. Jason Kubel - home runs, RBI
64. Cameron Maybin - stolen bases
65. Michael Brantley - runs, stolen bases
66. Adam Eaton - runs, stolen bases
67. Matt Joyce
68. Cody Ross - RBI
69. Drew Stubbs - runs, stolen bases
70. Wil Myers - runs, RBI, stolen bases, ave
71. Leonys Martin - runs, stolen bases
72. Darin Mastroianni - stolen bases
73. Justin Ruggiano - home runs, stolen bases
74. Michael Saunders - home runs, stolen bases,
75. Lorenzo Cain - runs, stolen bases
76. Andy Dirks
77. Juan Pierre - runs, stolen bases, ave
78. Logan Morrison - home runs
79. Colby Rasmus - home runs
80. Starling Marte - stolen bases
81. Will Venable
82. Andres Torres
83. Chris Young
84. Peter Bourjos – stolen bases
85. Daniel Nava
86. Gregor Blanco - stolen bases
87. Craig Gentry
88. Nate McLouth
89. Nate Schierholtz
90. Garrett Jones - home runs, RBI
91. Justin Maxwell - home runs, stolen bases
92. David DeJesus
93. Jonny Gomes
94. Darin Ruf
95. Travis Snider
96. Scott Hairston
97. John Mayberry
98. Rajai Davis - stolen bases
99. Jeff Francoeur
100. Domonic Brown
101. J.D. Martinez
102. Nolan Reimold
103. Tyler Colvin
104. Ryan Doumit
105. Avisail Garcia
106. Jose Tabata
107. Kirk Nieuwenhuis
108. Jimmy Paredes
109. Chris Heisey
110. Jason Bay
111. Lucas Duda
112. Matt Joyce
113. Vernon Wells
114. Delmon Young
115. Raul Ibanez
116. Mike Baxter

A couple of thoughts on some of the outfielders I've listed:

- As I've said many, many times before, I am a total believer in Ryan Braun. I see no reason why he shouldn't continue to be a dominant force.

- I have a bit of a concern about the weight gain for Mike Trout. I thought he would regress anyway, but I am even a bit more concerned. He's a great player, but I don't know anyone that can produce those types of numbers two years in a row.

- Matt Kemp's health is a concern. I think he's motivated, but I'm not sure he'll stay on the field.

- My candidate to have an off the chart year is Yoenis Cespedes. His upper body is even bigger than last year, he is now adjusted to his new country and he makes adjustments to pitchers pitch by pitch. I look for a huge year from him.

- Some guys just concern me because of their splits: In that category are Josh Reddick, Jason Kubel and Drew Stubbs among others.

- I said this before, but I'm concerned that Giancarlo Stanton may get to see one good pitch a game. If I'm a pitcher, I pitch around him in that very weak Marlins lineup. He may get himself out by swinging at bad pitches.

- I would select Carl Crawford only if he dropped to me in a lower round. I won't pay a premium or any real money from my salary budget for him in an auction. If the other guy takes him, and he does well, congratulations.

- Wil Myers will likely not break with the club. He will ultimately play for Tampa Bay, but you'll likely only get a half season from him. He's a guy to stash on your bench.

- I'm not a Desmond Jennings guy

- I'm a huge Bryce Harper guy. I think it will take him a month to heat up. By that time, guys will be more willing to trade him away and you can reap the benefits. Look for a huge second half.

- I have concerns about Michael Bourn getting on base.

- I'll be happy to take Adam Jones whenever I can get him. I think he provides numbers in every category.

- I'm looking for a big comeback from Jacoby Ellsbury. I love getting guys in their “walk” years.

- I'm very bullish on Brett Gardner. I think this is the year we see his average improve and his stolen bases go through the roof. The team needs him on base and running. That's how they have to score runs.

- What happens to his numbers if Franklin Gutierrez stays healthy? Simply put, I'll take him.


He may wind up starting the season as the Tigers closer, but I've seen how wide open Jim Leyland's doghouse door can swing. Bruce Rondon will enter that secluded location by mid-May.

Starling Marté joins the likes of Michael Bourn, Drew Stubbs, Rajai Davis, Gregor Blanco, Peter Bourjos and on and on. If he can get on base, Marté will give you lots of stolen bases and a pretty empty batting average with very, very few home runs.

Rick Porcello looked outstanding in the five innings I saw him pitch. What was different? He pitched with confidence. He trusted his stuff and he pitched inside to lefties - and that's key.

If you're in a draft with me, I'll let you grab Hyun-Jin Ryu. I think he'll struggle as a starter. Big time. I think the Dodgers should think twice before moving one of their starters. They may need Chris Capuano or Aaron Harang.

I think the Yankees and Mets should both look at Brennan Boesch and Quintin Berry. Both are on the bubble in Detroit.

Remember the name Michael Wacha. Pitcher - St. Louis Cardinals. That's all I'm saying. Write it down. You know how I am about guys I really like. I really like Michael Wacha.

David Ortiz's ankles/Achilles concern me. Hurt now? What about April? May? June? July? Well, you get my drift.

The Nationals can play Anthony Rendon anywhere they want and he can do the job. Infield, outfield, it doesn't matter. He's such a valuable guy. I look for him to be in Washington this year to take the place of someone - I just don't know who that someone might be yet.

In two years, will the Royals want Wil Myers or James Shields?

Another week has gone by and I still haven't changed my mind. I think Scott Kazmir will claim a spot in the Indians' rotation, but that really isn't saying much.

All is well with the world. Last season, Jeff Francoeur returned to being Jeff Francoeur again.

Bascom's Chop and Steak House in Clearwater is outstanding my friends. They have a weekend special that you don't want to miss if you're in the area.

OK - that's it for this week. Catch me on Twitter @BerniePleskoff and at in the Voices Section. I'll be tweeting from Spring Training every day until the regular season begins.