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Radio Haze

With Jeff Erickson on the road this week, I got to fill in for him on many of his regional radio show guest spots. That meant five shows in 24 hours, a whirlwind media blitz for this relative newbie (4 years at RW versus Jeff's 19). In a fit of shameless self-promotion, let's begin the tour!  Hopefully you'll find some nuggets of good advice.

Here is show number one from Thursday morning on Pittsburgh's DK Sports Radio, which had a very interesting segment sponsor:

Then it was on to Beantown for the Boston Herald Radio Laces Out podcast:

And then I had a real treat, finally appearing on my local ESPN radio station here in Vermont! I got to join the new Huddle show with Rich and Arnie on 101.3 ESPN Burlington:

The night ended with a visit to the Pennsylvania Sports Network with Jed and Steve.  Unfortunately, that segment hasn't been posted on-line.

Finally, my media tour ended with my usual weekly segment on Wes McElroy's Friday morning show on Fox Sports Richmond.  If you are still with me (which would be impressive), please enjoy this last segment:

Have a great Week 2!