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Prospects...only part of a winning draft

It's really easy to get caught up in the allure of prospects, especially when there are guys like Evan Longoria making it look so easy to be right.

But frankly, it's my drafting flaw each year. Every year I like to think every prospect will put up +$10 value vs. preseason projections. But it's just not so. So for you - and as a reminder to me - let's look at some of last year's prospect/projected breakout candidates you could have had...

(C) Jarrod Saltalamacchia (1B) Daric Barton, (2B) Howie Kendrick, (SS) Troy Tulowitzki (3B) Alex Gordon, (OFs) Chris B Young, Jeremy Hermida, Delmon Young.

All these guys were highly talked about or coming off some great seasons. None the less they disappointed nearly all that took them.

And of course you can do the same with guys who did live up to their promise.

So as Matt Wieters and others sit on the wire proceed with caution. Less sexy picks - those that are more steady producers - are key to a balanced draft. You'll need to mix this high risk prospects with sure-things.

- Patrick Cain