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Mauer Revisited

One month ago there was some discussion that Joe Mauer's newfound power was more than just a hot streak and that he had developed a new skill.  Mauer has hit just three home runs in his last 131 plate appearances, though, a 43.6 PA/HR rate.  That's almost the exactly the same rate that he displayed in 2004, when he hit his previous career high of 13 home runs in one season.

Mauer hit 11 home runs in his first 100 plate appearances.  Since that time he's turned into, well, Joe Mauer, by hitting .345/.405/.500.   He's still the best catcher in baseball, just without the gaudy home run totals.

So what will Mauer's power potential be going forward?  Does he hit 7-8 home runs over the remainder of the season or 15+?  Were those first 11 home runs a fluke?

I still lean towards the lower end of the home run spectrum.  His past five seasons hold more relevance to me than one month.