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The Nightcap: Friday's Games (Sans-Saint Edition)

This edition of the Nightcap totally ignores the games in San Diego and San Francisco, even though those guys were totally awesome saints.


Garrett Jones went some way towards addressing his deflated BABIP (.255) this afternoon, going 5-for-6 with a donger at Chicago (NL).

• Here's a surprising thing to me: Tom Gorzelanny entered play today with 36 Ks in 35 IPs. Here's a second surprising thing: he struck out seven more in five innings. Finally, here's a question: who died and made Tom Gorzelanny really good?

David Ortiz hit two home runs today. He's exasperating to think about. So, let's not, actually.

Joe Mauer went 3-for-4 with a home run and walk. He also admitted to being part cyborg (on his mother's side).

Scott Baker had a weird night versus the Yankers, striking out 9 of the 28 batters he faced but also allowing 10 hits. He appears to've allowed 9 hits on 17 balls in play. That's unlucky.

• I heart Justin Masterson. Did he pitch well tonight? No (4 K, 5 BB, 5.1 IP). I don't care: I HEART Justin Masterson.

• Say wha-? Corey Patterson went 3-for-4 with a walk while playing left field for the O's. Seriously, say wha-?

• Pop quiz: Which of these batters is now batting over .300: Elvis Andrus or Fred Lewis? Hm? Well, I'll tell you: it's a trick question. They're both batting over it. One thing, though: Lewis has like a 1:4 BB:K ratio. That's not so good.

Jaime Garcia is sweet music. Not only does he induce hella ground balls, but he also struck out six while walking one today.

John Jaso only got on base once. Yes, that's news nowadays – dude has a .474 OBP.

Shane Victorino went 3-for-5, mostly because he's sweet at baseball. Don't be swayed

• New Kansas City manager Ned Yost led his team to victory, 6-1, over the Pale Hose.

Joe Saunders and Dallas Braden each pitched complete games in Anaheim this evening. Only 208 pitches between them. Braden had 5 Ks and 1 BB; Saunders had 6 Ks and 2 BBs.

Caution, Warning

Oliver Perez had allowed only a single homer in 30 innings coming into play today. That's what a 2.6|PERCENT| HR/FB rate will do for you. Today? Not so good: Perez allowed four homers in 3.1 IP. Oops.

Stolen Bases

Andrew McCutchen (11 & 12) / Travis Snider (3) / Mike Sweeney (1) / Justin Upton (6) / Mark Kotsay (1) / Scott Podsednik (13) /

Caught Stealing

Alexi Casilla (1) / Greg Golson (1) / Yadier Molina (3) / Jason Heyward (1) / Cliff Pennington (2)

Save Chances

Ryan Franklin, converted. It wasn't pretty, though: 1 IP, 3 H, 1 R.

Dave Aardsma, converted. Recorded 2 Ks, no hits or anything.

Chad Qualls, blown. This is getting to be a distressinly frequent occurrence. Trying to protect a one-run lead, Qualls allowed three hits and a walk in just one-third of an inning.

Other Closer Outings

Octavio Dotel. He pitched an inning with Pittsburgh up by four over Chicago. Recorded 2 Ks and a BB.

Mariano Rivera. Pitched an uneventuful inning – no walks, no strikeouts, no nothing – with the Yankers up 8-4 over Minnesota.

Billy Wagner allowed a run on two hits, but (a) had 2 Ks and (b) benefited from facing Chad Qualls.

Jose Contreras pitched today. I don't know: is he the closer? Anyway, he pitched an inning and recorded a K with the Phils up 9-5.


Alexi Casilla played shortstop in place of the injured J.J. Hardy – and walked!

Juan Miranda played DH in place of the injured DH – and hit a double!

Colby Rasmus batted leadoff for the second time this year (and also the second time in four games). The Cardinals should keep doing this.

Jason Heyward batted second for the first time this year. It'd be great for the Braves' chances of scoring runs if he KEPT doing it.

Paul Hoover played catcher for the Phillies today. He might due that through the weekend, on account of Carlos Ruiz is out with something called a "sprained capsular."