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Where's the Mauer Power?

Last year Chris Liss suggested that Joe Mauer displayed a permanent skill growth when he hit 11 home runs in one month.  His argument was that no player could hit for that much power and then revert back to an eight home run per year players.  Once a player displays something like that it is a skill and they own it.  Well, Mauer is doing his best to prove that it can be rented. 

Mauer is currently hitting .319/.397/.451 with just two home runs this season.  He finished with 28 home runs in 138 games last season and while some regression was probably expected, there didn't appear to be anything that indicated this type of drop off.  He still hit 17 home runs after June 1st last season and slugged .557 with 13 home runs after the All-Star Break.  You can't even really blame the new stadium for his power outage because he hit 12 home runs in 71 road games last season.  His power this season has dropped on the road as well as at home.

I rarely get to see Twins games so I want to know what other people think who have seen him play.  Is there some real difference between the way he's getting pitched?  Has he changed his approach?  What's going on?

We projected 23 home runs for Mauer in 2010, which is very doubtful at this point.  What's everyone's prediction for the rest of this year.  I own him in one league and would love to see at least some resemblance to last season.