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12-team SOFA Auction League (First Attempt at Auctioning)

So I had about one hour notice before jumping into this, not having done any auctions prior to it.

It's a 12-teamer, with a massive starting lineup of QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-WR-TE-RB/WR-WR/TE-K-DEF. Four points per passing TD, no negative points for interceptions. PPR. $200 budget.

I ended up with the following lineup:

QB: Drew Brees $35
RB: Ryan Mathews $36
RB: C.J. Spiller $20
RB/WR: Tim Hightower $4
WR: Brandon Marshall $35
WR: Steve Smith (NY) $22
WR: Lee Evans $8
TE: Vernon Davis $16
WR/TE: Legedu Naanee $1
K: Garrett Hartley $2
DEF: Pittsburgh $3

Bench: Kyle Orton ($1), Chester Taylor ($3), Kevin Smith ($1), Austin Collie ($5), Vincent Jackson ($5), Tony Scheffler ($1), Packers ($2)

It's funny, I usually do something like the opposite of this in drafts. I usually go really heavy on running backs at the expense of QBs and TEs. I like what I ended up with enough, but I'm not as confident in this lineup as I usually am in my drafted rosters.

My basic strategy was to bid aggressively for the players that I was confident could fill particular roles on my team, generally considering it a victory as long as I got someone that I wanted. I try to draft in such a way that lands me players I think I can count on for consistency, as well as a few guys who I think can complement the consistent players with upside.

Ideally, I'd land players who provide both consistency and upside. I think Brees, Mathews and Marshall all qualify as such, and Vernon Davis to a lesser extent. I think that's a nice base that should make me competitive on most or all weeks.

I like Steve Smith in a strictly consistency role, and I like Evans and Spiller as two more sources of upside.

I know it's pretty fashionable to hate on Spiller around these parts, but the injuries to Jackson and Lynch will provide monstrous boosts to his value. With a player as talented as him, a role in the offense is reserved once they get their foot in the door. His early season game performances will get him in that door. From there, Jackson will obviously have a place in the offense at some point, but I still like Spiller's PPR value a great deal because he's a better pass-catcher than Jackson, and the Bills' terrible QBs will be looking to checkdown often.

Obviously, I wish I had done better than Hightower and Naanee/Collie as flex options, but I'm confident that Hightower will get 120 touches this year at the very least (50 being catches), and I think he fits well in this role. Naanee and Collie are the more concerning parts for me, but Naanee should have some value while Jackson is out, and Collie instantly becomes a near-starting value if Garcon slips up.

If Vincent Jackson quits being a doofus and plays this year, then I like my lineup quite a bit more. Replacing Naanee or Collie with him would be a drastic upgrade.

You can see how all the teams turned out here.