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10 Team Keeper Auction

I play in a keeper auction league each year with some casual friends.  I'm not sure if my observations will help people out, but I'll give it a try.  We get to keep two players from the previous season.  The scoring rules are also slightly different for QBs, with 5 points for a td pass and 1 point/30 yards passing.  It's a 10 team league with rosters of 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K 1TeamD and four reserves bought at auction.  Another four players are drafted after the auction.  This was the team that I walked out with:

QB Matt Schaub $14 (keeper)
QB Jay Cutler $31
RB Chris Johnson $3 (keeper)
RB Adrian Peterson $61
WR Michael Crabtree $23
WR Robert Meachem $13
WR Lee Evans $2
TE Vernon Davis $8
K Mason Crosby $2

RES Tony Gonzalez $7
RES Arian Foster $8
RES Matt Cassell $6
RES Johnny Knox $5

RES DOnald Brown (draft)
RES Mohamed Massaqoui (draft)
RES Tashard Choice (draft)
RES Devin Aromashadu (draft)

I won the league last year with Schaub as my keepers.  I really feel like I messed up this year by not paying for one big WR.  Andre Johnson went for $46, Calvin Johnson $34, Roddy White $34, Austin Miles $32, Fitzgerald $29.  I could have easily fit one in and still got everyone else I wanted.  I'd be more confident if I could have just gone a few dollars more on one of them.

Adrian Peterson was the second player auctioned off.  $61 is about the right price in a non-keeper league so I feel like I got a decent deal considering the inflation of a keeper league. 
Tight ends all went at an rediculously reduced price.  I ended up with Vernon Davis early on just because no one went hight than $8.  I got burned a bit later on trying to big up Tony Gonzalez, but getting him for $7 is still worth the price.

I always want to get four QBs in this league, but missed out on the last starting QB.  There are zero starting QBs on the free agent wire, so I'll be keeping track of possible injury situations closely.

Notables: Philip Rivers went for $43. I drove the price up that high before bowing out and settling for Cutler later on.

MJD went for $51, Gore $37, Matthews $31, Grant $30, Steven Jackson $30, Charles $26, McCoy $29, Benson $28, Best $23.