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Nats' Gonzalez Trade

Being a fan of the Nationals I have to say I'm ambivalent on this deal especially considering what they're giving up. Gonzalez is a proven pitcher but his walk rate always struck me as a bit too high and Peacock had always been the No. 3 guy in the system behind Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann. Obviously they had to give something up but Peacock looked promising in a few starts down the stretch and Norris would have been a nice catching prospect to have around.

The Nats needed a lefty in their rotation that can strike people out as John Lannan can't consistently do that. I suppose the team simply gave up a little too much and A.J. Cole is still at the prospect level, but still a good prospect. Eager to see what Gonzalez can provide and the idea of a rotation featuring him, Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann is intriguing with Lannan at No. 4 and I'm assuming Wang at No. 5.