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Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 16

Week 16 Injury Analysis report is here although I am pretty sure most of your fantasy seasons have come to an end and a champion has been crowned.  However, there are some leagues that go until the very final week of the season although I personally am not a fan of these as it punishes teams who have players without a lot to play for in the final week.   This information instead may serve useful in any sports bets you may want to make or just simply for your interest in reading about sports injuries.

Matt Forte: Forte was forced out of last weekend's game with yet another ankle injury.  He has certainly had his share of injuries and it is starting to become a bit of a liability if you're a Forte owner or just a Bears fan.   He's great when he's on the field but the key words are "on the field".  It's not a good sign that he was spotted with a walking boot on following the game as this is clearly a sign of the significance of the injury.  Ankle sprains respond better to continued mobility and exercises rather than keeping them immobile in a boot, of course that is if the injury is less significant and the athlete can bear weight without pain.  The fact that Forte needs a boot makes me believe he is unlikely be in the lineup come Sunday and even if he is in the lineup, I do not expect the typical productive back we are used to seeing in Forte.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  Probably nothing, your season is likely over but if you happen to have your finals matchup this weekend and have Forte, I hope you have a backup you can place in that roster spot. 
Once again, in attempt to stimulate some dialogue in the comments section, I will look for comments to discuss players of interest or questions you may have regarding any sports medicine topics that you are interested in that have effected your players for this week or even during the season. 

As always, wishing your players quick recoveries.

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