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In-Stadium Close-Call Replays Are Back!

Ever wonder why, when at the ballpark, a close or controversial call is made by an umpire and the giant stadium Jumbotron does NOT replay the play? Well, in 1976 a half-riot almost broke out at Yankee Stadium when the umpires made a call in favor of the visiting Orioles. The play was shown over and over again on the stadium's new video board and the crowd went nuts. MLB soon ruled that close calls were no longer allowed to be broadcast within the stadium. Read the whole story here .

Of course, that was ancient history. Fans can now see every play over and over again on any number of 24-hour sports channels. So, almost 38 years later, MLB owners just (finally?) ruled that stadiums can now replay close plays. So fantasy fanatics, take a few hours away from your computer and enjoy a sunny day at the ball park. And when the ump screws up, enjoy the replay and boo your brains out!