Staff Picks: Bills, 49ers and Rams
Staff Picks: Bills, 49ers and Rams

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

It was an ugly week for the Staff as Pianowski and me actually tied for the win at a meager 7-9, while Stopa posted a 5-11 to take the "absolute value" lead, i.e., his 25 games under .500 is a bigger margin than my 21 games over it. In the actual standings, I maintain my four-game lead on Pianowski.

This week we all like the Bills, 49ers and Rams, and both Pianowski and DDD made the Bills their best bets.

EricksonPianowskiLissStopaDel Don
Chargers +3.5 at ChiefsChiefsChiefsChargersChargersChiefs
Texans -6 at JetsJetsTexansJetsTexansJets
Browns +3 at BroncosBrownsBroncosBrownsBrownsBroncos
Dolphins +7 at VikingsVikingsVikingsVikingsDolphinsDolphins
Raiders +3 at BengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsRaiders
Buccaneers +8 at RavensRavensBuccaneersBuccaneersRavensBuccaneers
Cowboys +3 at ColtsCowboysColtsColtsColtsCowboys
Lions +2.5 at BillsBillsBillsBillsBillsBills
Packers +5.5 at BearsBearsPackersBearsPackersBears
Titans +2.5 at GiantsGiantsTitansGiantsTitansTitans
Redskins +7 at JaguarsJaguarsRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsJaguars
Cardinals +8.5 at FalconsCardinalsCardinalsFalconsCardinalsFalcons
Seahawks -5 at 49ers49ers49ers49ers49ers49ers
Patriots -1.5 at SteelersPatriotsSteelersSteelersSteelersSteelers
Eagles +9.5 at RamsRamsRamsRamsRamsRams
Saints -6.5 at PanthersSaintsPanthersPanthersSaintsPanthers
Best BetBearsBillsColtsRedskinsBills
Last Week's Record6-107-97-94-126-10
2018 Record106-97-5108-95-5112-91-5
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