Staff Picks: Redskins, Lions and Cardinals
Staff Picks: Redskins, Lions and Cardinals

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

I paced the field this week with an 11-4-1 mark, while Pianowski (9-6-1) remains in second place, six games back with two weeks to play. Erickson likely dropped out of contention with a 5-10-1 week.

One housekeeping note, I was looking over some of our old records and noticed I neglected to include Week 17 in the 2016 season. It doesn't change the overall result, but now those numbers add up to 256 games as they should.

This week, we all like the Redskins, Lions and Cardinals, Pianowski made the Redskins his best bet, and both DDD and I made the 49ers our best bets.

EricksonPianowskiLissStopaDel Don
Redskins +10 at TitansRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsRedskins
Ravens +4.5 at ChargersChargersRavensRavensChargersRavens
Buccaneers +7 at CowboysCowboysCowboysCowboysBuccaneersBuccaneers
Bills +12.5 at PatriotsBillsBillsPatriotsBillsPatriots
Falcons +2.5 at PanthersFalconsFalconsFalconsFalconsPanthers
Jaguars +4.5 at DolphinsJaguarsDolphinsDolphinsJaguarsJaguars
Giants +9.5 at ColtsColtsColtsGiantsGiantsGiants
Texans +2 at EaglesEaglesTexansEaglesTexansEagles
Vikings -5.5 at LionsLionsLionsLionsLionsLions
Packers pick 'em at JetsJetsJetsPackersJetsPackers
Bengals +8 at BrownsBengalsBrownsBengalsBrownsBrowns
Rams -14 at CardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinals
Bears -4 at 49ers49ers49ers49ersBears49ers
Steelers +5.5 at SaintsSaintsSaintsSteelersSteelersSteelers
Chiefs -2.5 at SeahawksSeahawksSeahawksSeahawksChiefsSeahawks
Broncos -2.5 at
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