Staff Picks: Bengals and Falcons
Staff Picks: Bengals and Falcons

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

I won Week 1 at 10-6, and only Pianowski was above .500 among the rest of the Staff. DDD already managed to eliminate himself mathematically before Week 2. 

This week, we all like the Bengals and Falcons, and DDD made the Bengals his best bet. 

 EricksonPianowskiLissPayneDel Don
Buccaneers +6.5 at PanthersPanthersBuccaneersPanthersPanthersPanthers 
Colts +3 at TitansTitansColtsColtsColtsColts
Chargers -2.5 at LionsLionsChargersChargersLionsChargers
Bills -2 at GiantsGiantsGiantsGiantsBillsGiants
Cardinals +13.5 at RavensCardinalsRavensRavensCardinalsRavens
Patriots -19 at DolphinsPatriotsDolphinsDolphinsDolphinsDolphins
Cowboys -5 at RedskinsCowboysRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsRedskins
Jaguars +8.5 at TexansJaguarsJaguarsJaguarsTexansJaguars 
Seahawks +4 at SteelersSteelersSeahawksSeahawksSteelersSteelers
49ers +1.5 at BengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengals 
Vikings +3 at PackersPackersPackersPackersVikingsPackers
Chiefs -8 at RaidersRaidersChiefsRaidersRaidersChiefs 
Saints +3 at RamsRamsRamsSaintsSaintsRams
Bears -2.5 at BroncosBearsBroncosBearsBearsBears
Eagles -1.5 at FalconsFalconsFalconsFalconsFalconsFalcons
Browns -2.5 at JetsJetsBrownsBrownsBrownsBrowns
Best BetGiantsColtsSaintsDolphinsBengals
Last week's Record7-99-710-68-85-11
Best Bet Record0-10-11-01-00-1
Unanimous Pick Record8-8    
Majority Pick Record1-1    
2018 Record125-122-9134-113-9141-106-9N/A120-127-9
2017 Record117-125-14128-114-14117-125-14N/A98-144-14
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Chris Liss
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