Staff Picks: Bengals, Jets and Cardinals

Staff Picks: Bengals, Jets and Cardinals

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

Last week was not kind to the Staff, with an 0-3 mark on unanimous picks, only Erickson and Pianowski reaching .500 and only Payne winning his best bet. Pianowski remains in first place with a .500 record. 

This week, we have three unanimous picks, the Bengals, Jets and Cardinals, and Erickson and I differ on only one game (Bears-Rams). Both Payne and DDD made the Rams their best bets. 

 EricksonPianowskiLissPayneDel Don
Giants +4.5 at EaglesGiantsEaglesGiantsEaglesEagles   
Browns -3.5 at BengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengals
Cowboys pick 'em at Football TeamFootball TeamCowboysFootball TeamCowboysFootball Team
Lions +2.5 at FalconsLionsFalconsLionsFalconsFalcons
Panthers +7.5 at SaintsSaintsPanthersSaintsPanthersSaints
Bills -13 at JetsJetsJetsJetsJetsJets
Packers -3.5 at TexansTexansPackersTexansPackersTexans
Steelers -2 at TitansTitansSteelersTitansTitansSteelers   
Seahawks -3.5 at CardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinals 
49ers +2.5 at PatriotsPatriotsPatriotsPatriotsPatriots49ers  
Chiefs -9.5 at BroncosBroncosChiefsBroncosBroncosBroncos    
Jaguars +8 at ChargersJaguarsJaguarsJaguarsJaguarsChargers
Buccaneers -3 at RaidersRaidersRaidersRaidersRaidersBuccaneers
Bears +5.5 at RamsBearsRamsRamsRamsRams 
Best BetFootball TeamPatriotsBroncosRamsRams
Last week's Record7-77-75-95-95-9
2019 Record42-48-145-45-141-49-140-50-142-48-1
Best Bet Record3-32-42-43-32-4
Unanimous Pick Record6-10    
Majority Pick Record41-49-1    
2019 Record126-124-6140-110-6127-123-6127-123-6134-116-6
2018 Record125-122-9134-113-9141-106-9N/A120-127-9
2017 Record117-125-14128-114-14117-125-14N/A98-144-14
2016 Record140-111-5130-121-5123-128-5N/A132-119-5
2015 Record134-114-8120-128-8114-134-8N/A121-127-8
2014 Record123-128-5140-111-5135-116-5N/A128-123-5
2013 Record132-114-10118-128-10123-123-10N/A128-118-10
2012 Record110-140-6125-125-6121-129-6N/A123-127-6
2011 Record121-128-7134-115-7124-125-7N/A127-122-7
2010 Record129-122-5134-117-5126-125-5N/A134-117-5
2009 Record123-130-3132-121-3131-122-3N/A126-127-3
2008 Record132-114-10128-118-10124-122-10N/A130-116-10
2007 Record127-120118-129127-120N/A130-117
2006 Record118-129N/A139-108N/AN/A
2005 Record121-126N/A127-120N/AN/A
2004 Record124-124N/A130-118N/AN/A
2003 Record121-126118-129124-123N/AN/A
2002 Record113-136123-126141-108N/AN/A
2001 Record124-113117-120118-119N/AN/A
2000 Record123-117134-106141-99N/AN/A

This week, we have three unanimous picks, the Bengals, Jets and Cardinals. Last week we went 0-3 on unanimous picks, losing with the Jaguars, Panthers and Cowboys to go 6-10 on the year. We went 6-8 on majority picks (three or more writers) to go 41-49-1 on the year. We were 23-17-1 on unanimous picks  and 130-120-6 on majority picks last year. 

EricksonI struggled to find a best bet this week. But I view the Football Team and the Cowboys as equal teams, and thus the Cowboys should be giving a couple to three points on the road, and they are not. I have too many picks this week where I feel like the lesser team is getting the value, and I hate having to ride my hopes on lesser teams. No second best bet this week.
PianowskiAlways like a well-coached team to rebound after they've been embarrassed. And it's not like the best version of the Niners is headed to Foxborough.
LissI like the Football Team, Saints, Broncos, Cardinals and Bengals this week. Any of the five could be my best bet. I also don't like that Erickson copied all but one of my picks. 
PayneI was absolutely brutal last week despite winning my best bet (Tampa) pretty easily. More closer spreads this week than there's been in the last few. Vegas has appeared to adjust to all the high scoring games we've seen thus far.
Del DonThe Rams have actually allowed fewer yards per play than the Bears this season, and I like their spot Monday night. I also like the Texans, Football Team and Broncos this week. 

The players:

• Jeff Erickson: RotoWire Senior editor, 2001, 2008, 2013, 2015, 2016 Staff Picks Champ. Writes the Weekly Rankings. Covers and roots for the Bengals.

• Scott Pianowski: Fantasy expert for Yahoo! Sports, and also contributes to 2009, 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2019 Staff Picks Champ. Roots for the Patriots.

• Chris Liss: RotoWire Managing Editor, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2018 Staff Picks Champ, 2003, 2004 co-champ. Writes East Coast Offense, Beating the Book and the Survivor column in addition to Staff Picks. Covers and roots for the Giants.

• Kevin Payne: Staff Writer, Writes our Waiver Wire column. Roots for the Bills.

• Dalton Del Don: Fantasy Expert for Yahoo! Sports, 2007 Staff Picks Champ. Roots for the 49ers.

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