Staff Picks

Staff Picks

This article is part of our Staff Picks series.

Payne and Pianowski won the week at 8-6, and Pianowski, the only writer above .500, remains in first place. 

This week we all like the Chargers, and for the second straight week Payne and I have the same best bets (last week we lost with the Ravens.) 

 EricksonPianowskiLissPayneDel Don
Packers -5.5 at 49ersPackers49ers49ersPackersPackers
Seahawks -3 at BillsSeahawksBillsSeahawksSeahawksSeahawks
Broncos +4 at FalconsBroncosBroncosFalconsFalconsBroncos 
Bears +5.5 at TitansTitansBearsTitansTitansTitans
Lions +4 at VikingsVikingsVikingsLionsLionsLions       
Ravens -2.5 at ColtsColtsColtsColtsRavensColts
Panthers +10.5 at ChiefsChiefsChiefsChiefsPanthersPanthers    
Texans -7 at JaguarsJaguarsJaguarsJaguarsTexansJaguars
Giants +3 at Football TeamGiantsFootball TeamGiantsGiantsFootball Team
Raiders +1.5 at ChargersChargersChargersChargersChargersChargers
Steelers -13.5 at CowboysSteelersCowboysCowboysCowboysCowboys   
Dolphins +4.5 at CardinalsDolphinsCardinalsDolphinsCardinalsCardinals   
Saints +5.5 at BuccaneersSaintsSaintsSaintsBucs Saints
Patriots -7 at JetsPatriotsPatriotsPatriotsJetsJets
Best BetPatriotsFootball TeamFalconsFalconsCardinals
Last week's Record6-88-66-88-67-7
2019 Record54-64-161-57-154-64-154-64-158-60-1
Best Bet Record4-42-62-64-44-4
Unanimous Pick Record10-10    
Majority Pick Record53-65-1    
2019 Record126-124-6140-110-6127-123-6127-123-6134-116-6
2018 Record125-122-9134-113-9141-106-9N/A120-127-9
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Chris Liss
Chris Liss is RotoWire's Managing Editor and Host of RotoWIre Fantasy Sports Today on Sirius XM radio.
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