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Four-Down Duel: Rivers Flowing North

Kevin Payne

Kevin has worked for Rotowire just under a decade and has covered basketball, baseball and football. A glutton for punishment, he roots for his hometown Bills, Sabres and the New York Yankees. He hosts the RotoWire SiriusXM show every Wednesday and Friday and you can follow him on Twitter @KCPayne26.

This week I'm going to scrap my usual format. Instead of the usual rundown of weekly bargains, I'm going to offer up two lineups for this column and rationalize my selection process. Then I'm going to enter both of these lineups into their respective contests and post the results next week. Since we are only at Thursday, if I decide to change any of these selections before Sunday, I'll post the new lineup in the comments section. Finally, these lineups can be a useful tool if you're wondering who to use in a specific type of contest. This means you should make up your own lineup and then cross-check it with mine if you're not certain on a player or looking for someone to fill in your lineup. If you like this format over the normal column, let me know in the comments section. If not I might go back to the old format going forward.

50/50 or Heads-Up Lineup

This is a lineup you should use that has a higher floor over a higher ceiling. If you are in this type of contest and there are 50 entries you don't need to finish first overall; 25th will pay the same amount.

TE – Jimmy Graham, $8400 – I started with this position as doing Sunday games only takes the other obvious choice (Jordan Cameron) out of the equation. On FanDuel, Graham is the most expensive tight end, but he has averaged 23.8 points. The other top options at the position costs $2,000 less but average roughly half the points. Do the math.

QB – Philip Rivers, $7400 – Look, it doesn't get any safer than Drew Brees or Peyton Manning when it comes to fantasy, but shockingly enough, Rivers hasn't been too far off. Manning averages 30 points on FanDuel while Brees averages 25.5. Meanwhile, Rivers is tied for the four-highest scoring quarterback (23 points), and his price tag of $7400 is cheaper than 14 other options under center.

RB – Reggie Bush, $8700 – I'll admit, I'm not thrilled starting a running back against a defense coming off a bye. That being said, Bush has been dominant in all formats but even more so in a PPR format like FanDuel. He's now one of the safer running backs to start despite his early-season injury concerns.

RB – Rashad Jennings, $5200 – Marcel Reece is banged up and more importantly so is Darren McFadden. If both are out, Jennings is in for a big workload against a defense that lost Dwight Freeney to a quad injury.

K – Rob Bironas, $5000 – Kansas City has a decent defense and I get the feeling that this could turn into a field goal match. Bironas has put up some huge games at home in the past and is usually accurate from long distance.

D – St. Louis Rams, $5400 – It's been fun to pick on Jacksonville. You have to spend at least $5000 on a defense. Don't fix what isn't broken – continue to pick defenses facing off against Blaine Gabbert and the Jags.

WR – A.J. Green, $8400 – This guy is due. Who in New England's secondary is going to stop him?

WR – Eric Decker, $6500 – I get the feeling that if you are a Broncos wide receiver and don't score one week, Peyton will make sure you get yours the next. He's a steal at this price.

WR – Denarius Moore, $5000 – Last week was the first time the San Diego defense hasn't given up 100 yards to an opposing team's top wide receiver. But they allowed Dez Bryant to score two touchdowns and rack up over 50 yards so let's call it the same.

Tournament Lineup

Onto my tournament lineup, where you have to look at upside and usually gamble on some "out-of-the-box" picks if you want to win. Remember, I probably wouldn't use this lineup completely as there is a lower floor here with a lot of the players. A mix of studs with a few guys here could net you the top overall prize.

QB – Tony Romo, $8200 – If the Cowboys have any chance at topping Denver, which isn't entirely impossible, they will need a big game from Romo. Denver's passing defense has allowed the third most yards through the air in the league, and Dallas will likely have to put up a ton of points to be competitive in this game.

TE – Jason Witten, $6400 – I like this pick for two reasons: 1) I like Romo and 2) Witten has been quiet for three games but has averaged eight targets over that span. A big day is coming from the star tight end.

RB – David Wilson, $5600 – The Eagles are giving up over 120 yards rushing per game and the Giants cut Da'Rel Scott. We've been waiting for a breakout game from Wilson. If he does that at this dicsoutned price that would be huge.

WR – Hakeem Nicks, $5900 – I thought Nicks would go off last week after more or less publicly complaining about his role. Usually that works, but it didn't against the Chiefs - a team with some solid corners. The Eagles pass defense ranks 31st in the league, which should help the Giants earn their first win and give Nicks an opportunity to break out.

RB – Eddie Lacy, $6000 – I'm pretty sure that people will shy away from Lacy after his concussion. I think he probably would have suited up if Green Bay played last week, but another week of rest certainly doesn't hurt.

WR – Roddy White, $6700 – White is finally starting to resemble himself for the first time since hurting his ankle in a preseason game. While still quiet production-wise, he played 74 out of 76 offensive snaps last week. With a Monday night game on the docket, he will get another day of rest and should be more involved in Atlanta's attack going forward. Don't be surprised if he's back to his old self this week.

K – Mason Crosby, $5200 – He's home and this will be a high scoring game that the Packers should lead most of the way.

WR – Larry Fitzgerald, $7300 – Fitz is at home and doesn't have that Revis guy following him around. The hope is Carolina scores some points and Carson Palmer has to throw a lot. Over 100 receiving yards and touchdown wouldn't surprise me here.

D – Cincinnati Bengals, $5300 – Does it ever seem wise to take a team playing the Patriots? No, but these aren't the Patriots of old and the Bengals are slightly favored. It wouldn't be surprising to see a defensive score or a special teams touchdown.

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