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FanDuel NFL: Player Salaries - First Impressions

Benjamin Slocum

Ben focuses on Daily Fantasy for the NFL, NBA and College Football. His tag is Bensloc5; feel free to challenge him to a contest. See Ben on Instagram at Bensloc5.

These are my first impressions of the current player salaries for FanDuel. They are not my picks for contests in Week 1.

Week 1 player salaries in daily games are the foundation for salaries of the first several weeks of the season. While the salaries for each player will fluctuate on a weekly basis, the first posted salaries will act as a baseline for most players, in which future salaries will be derived from.

Players with higher salaries will remain expensive for weeks, even if they do not perform well. Players with lower salaries could see significant increases in their price with productive performances. During the first few weeks of the season, you need to utilize the lower salaried productive players before their price becomes inflated.

Some of the underpriced guys may have bad Week 1 matchups, but you should still keep an eye on them through the early weeks of the season. A bad matchup in Week 1 may equal a bad performance and a reduced salary in week two or three, making them a great play going forward. Below are some of the players that I feel are overpriced or underpriced to start the season, not just for their Week 1 matchup.


Overpriced Tom Brady ($9,100)
Brady is way too overpriced for me. There are a few guys that I would much rather have at cheaper price tag, including Matt Ryan ($8,100) and Colin Kaepernick ($8,500).

Underpriced Matt Ryan ($8,100) Ryan is due for a big fantasy year. It doesn't hurt to have one of the worst defenses in the league. The Falcons should find themselves in a ton of shoot outs this year, with Ryan being the main benefactor.

Underpriced Brian Hoyer ($5,600) If Hoyer can retain the starting job over Johnny Manziel, he makes a great value play at $5,600. Hoyer is a very competent quarterback, with limited upside, but a great price on FanDuel.

Running Backs

Overpriced Zac Stacy ($8,300)
I'm not totally sold on Stacy, but he does have a decent matchup against the Vikings in Week 1. His price is still too high for me. I would much rather pay less for guys like Montee Ball ($8,000) and Gio Bernard ($8,000).

Underpriced Joique Bell ($6,800) I think Reggie Bush ($7,800) and Bell are very similar players for fantasy. Bell is a thousand dollars cheaper, thus a much better value play.

Underpriced Andre Ellington ($6,800) Ellington is a consensus pick for the breakout running back of 2014. If he does blow up like many are predicting, he could become a top fantasy option at his position. Get him into your roster while his salary is still at a reduced price.

Underpriced Future Starting Running Backs ($-) Because FanDuel released player salaries a month before the season, there will be multiple running backs priced as backups, who could later become their team's starter because of injury or performance. Make sure to monitor injuries and depth charts through training camp on RotoWire. When players are promoted to first string, check their salary. There will be a ton of great values at running back for Week 1 of the NFL season.

Wide Receivers

Overpriced Andre Johnson ($7,400)
Johnson has the 11th highest salary for receivers. I wouldn't have him in my top 20, so he is an obvious overpriced player for me. Stay away from this aging receiver at that level of salary.

Overpriced Pierre Garcon ($7,100) Garcon was often the only target for RGIII last year, racking up 113 receptions. This year, Washington added DeSean Jackson and should have Jordan Reed back from injuries. Garcon should have his workload drastically reduced in 2014.

Underpriced DeAndre Hopkins ($5,900) Hopkins had a decent rookie year with 52 catches and 802 yards. If he can take a leap in year two, he would be a great value at his current price tag.

Underpriced Brandin Cooks ($5,700) Cooks looks like a 100 catches guy to me. He should be able to get a ton of action in the Saints' prolific passing offense. I like Cooks this year and his value at $5,700.

Underpriced Jeremy Maclin ($5,000) Maclin is my number one underpriced guy on FanDuel. Someone really dropped the ball on his price tag. Expect him to be highly owned in Week 1, so you may want to fade (not use) him in some of your Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) contests. Take advantage of his inexpensive price before it is too late.

Tight Ends

Overpriced Jason Witten ($6,500)
Witten is tied for the fourth highest tight end salary on FanDuel. I'd much rather look at other options near his price like Jordan Cameron ($6,500), Vernon Davis ($6,300) and Jordan Reed ($6,100).

Underpriced Zach Ertz ($4,500) Ertz is set for a monster season in the Eagles' fast pace offense. He is at FanDuel's minimum price for tight ends, so get him before his salary is adjusted.

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